Old Navy Credit Card Reviews

The Old Navy Credit Card is a store credit card considered the best card for earning points. Users can issue the Old Navy Credit Card by Synchrony Bank and use their earned points only on the purchases made on the brand products of the Gap family. The Gap family’s products and services, including Gap Factory, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Hill City, are only eligible to spend the earning points of this card.

Old Navy Credit Card has two variants means that there are two divisions of this card, and both are designed for different purposes. The first is an in-store credit card that you can only use at stores in a corporation with Gap. The other is a Visa card that you can use at all Visa-related places where your Visa can be accepted. If you are planning to issue a Visa, this Old Navy Credit Card variant is one of the best choices.

Old Navy Credit Card has a reward program through which users can get 5 points on every dollar they spend at the purchases of brands from Gap Inc. Users can redeem those earning points for spending as in-store credit. Moreover, if you earned 5,000 points or more with this card, your card will upgrade to the next level and call out as Navyist Credit Card. With the upgraded version, users can earn the point bonus offer, a chance to get alterations at the Banana Republic, and can make shipments with Old Navy Brands.

How Do the Old Navy Credit Cards Work?

Old Navy Credit Card is much popular among the people. The stylish look of the card at low prices fantasize them. There is more than one branded credit card issued by the Old Navy store. The other stores offer one branded card, but Old Navy Store Credit offers users a card at checkout time.

Not One Card-Two

Generally, all store-branded credit cards qualify customers for only one card: open-loop or closed-loop card. Meanwhile, Old Navy offers users two different cards by following the standard level of the industry. The processing of open-loop cards is similar to that of other standard cards. Users can make purchases with open-loop cards at all the places where the open-loop Visa brand can be acceptable.

Getting a closed-loop card offered by the Old Navy store is easy and simple. With a closed-loop card, users can only make purchases for the products the Old Navy store offers. The Old Navy card offers multiple options for users to make purchases and spend cash and points.

Users with high or exceptional credit scores can easily qualify for the open-loop card offered by the Old Navy Visa card. Both cards have similar perks and benefits. With an open-loop Visa card, users can get multiple rewards offers from all the places where the Visa Card is acceptable. However, purchases with a store card can only be made at Gap brand stores.

The Bank

Synchrony Financial Bank issues old Navy Credit Cards (SYF), and the parent company of Old Navy does not offer these credit cards. The bank started working in 2003 under the supervision of General Electric. Over the years, the company has been caught in serious legal issues related to its financial practices. At last, in June 2014, all the cases and problems were solved by incorporating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Department of Justice.

The company solved all issues wisely and chose to separate itself from Synchrony Financial Bank. In 2015, the bank decided to work independently and become a well-known traded company. Synchrony Financial Bank has a system of Retail Card divisions through which it offers the cards to its customers. The Retail Card divisions help numerous private label credit cards to build a good reputation, progress and do more.

The Card

Old Navy has been affiliated with the Gap brand for a long time, and it is the most affected factor in the progress of Old Navy. Old Navy worked under Gap, and users can use the Old Navy Credit Card for all the purchases made at Gap stores, including Banana Republic, Athleta, Gap, and Piperlime. Gap and the Banana Republic have good terms with Synchrony Financial Bank. They both have their cards with similar and some different perks and benefits.

The card offers users five cash points on every dollar they spend for purchases at Gap Inc. brands. Users can also get one cash point on every dollar they spend on other purchases with the Old Navy Credit Card. The customers who will earn 500 cash points will be able to get a reward of $5. They can redeem their reward points at any brand store of Gap.

The card also offers users a welcome bonus of a 20% discount on their first purchase with this card. Users can provide their valid email accounts to the issuer to get information about promotional notifications. So that when a promotional offer or reward is announced, users can fully avail themselves of the offers. Moreover, Old Navy Credit Card cardholders can manage the discount offers for planning a birthday party.

The Fine Print

The Old Navy Credit Card does not offer an annual fee. Users must maintain an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 25.99% Variable, which is high for both cards, whether the open-loop or the closed-loop card. This rate is on a Variable basis so that users can expect changes in the rate per a change in the prime rate. The card does not require users to have an introductory APR. Users can qualify for this card with a 0% intro APR.

The card charges a late payment fee of $40 if you couldn’t manage to make your payments on time. Remember that the card does not charge a late payment penalty with interest rates; it is fixed. Also, the card charges a 3% foreign transaction fee for all purchases made outside the United States. So whenever users travel outside the U.S, they have to pay the foreign transaction fee.

Other travel credit cards are preferable for travellers who often travel outside the United States. They will save from foreign transaction fees each time they travel. If you want cash advances, the card requires an APR of 26.99% Variable and charges 5% or $10 for every cash advance you apply. The Old Navy does not offer cash advances to customers with a store card.

Is the Old Navy Credit Card Worth Applying for?

Old Navy Visa Credit Card offers multiple perks and benefits to users who frequently shop around the Gap Inc. stores such as Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta. If users spend $1,000 or more annually on purchases at Gap stores, they can earn bonus points, cash points, many benefits, and other additional perks with the Old Navy Visa Card.

Both cards offered by Old Navy have similar benefits, but the Old Navy store card is not a good option for users with bad or fair credit history. Users can only use the Old Navy store card at Gap Inc. brands, but comparatively, Old Navy Visa Card is eligible at all Visa-accepted places. The company considers you for both cards at the application and processing time. If you get qualified for an Old Navy Visa Card, it will be hard to get rewards and bonus offers in the long run of the card.

The Navyist Program

 With Old Navy Credit Card, users can get cash points on their purchases. When a cardholder gets $5,000 cash points annually, his card will get an upgraded status by the “Navyist Program”, which will be called a “Navyist Credit Card.” As the card upgrades, so are its perks and benefits as well. The Navyist credit card offers several advantages to users, including a bonus offer of 20% rewards points, a phone line with a private toll-free offer, and a free shipping offer for all the online orders made at any Gap Inc. store. Users can also alter their clothes bought from the Banana Republic stores.

Top Perks

Let’s look at some perks for Old Navy credit cards. They include the following

Sign-Up Bonus

Old Navy provides a sign-up bonus offer to users. With this sign-up offer from Old Navy, you can make a 20% discount on your purchases. After getting approved for an Old Navy Credit Card, users will get a discount code of 20%. Users can use the code once and at oldnavy.com. If you hurried to get this offer, you might be at a loss. Because if you wait for a big purchase, you will get a good deal on your 20% discount.

In-store purchases may provide you with more good bonus offers. For instance, if you purchase $1,000 with the code sign-up offer, you will save $200 with your 20% discount. This code offer is for online use only, so you must explore in-store purchases with your Old Navy Credit Card to get more discount offers.


Both variants of the Old Navy Card: The Old Navy Visa Card and The Old Navy Credit Card, offer rewards to users. Users can earn five cash points on every dollar they spend for purchases at Gap Inc. brands with both cards of Old Navy. The Gap Inc. brands are Hill City, Banana Republic Factory, Gap, Athleta, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap Factory. Users can earn one cash point on every dollar spent on all other purchases with the Old Navy Visa Card.

The Navyist credit card offers several advantages to users, including a bonus offer of 20% rewards points each quarter. Users can get six cash points on every dollar spent at Gap stores or all the purchases at Old Navy. Each cash point equals $0.01, so you can get 5% cash back on all purchases made with Gap brands. When a cardholder gets $5,000 cash points annually, his card will get an upgraded status of “Navyist Credit Card” or “Navyist Visa Card.”

No Annual Fee

Old Navy Credit Card does not offer annual fees like other store credit cards. Users of both Old Navy Visa Card and Old Navy Credit Card do not have to pay anything to run their cards effectively. The cards that do not charge an annual fee are preferable for building credit scores and avoiding the maximum amount of bills.

Old Navy Benefits

The Old Navy Credit Card offers multiple perks and benefits to users, including a sign-up bonus, rewards program, cash points, and more. The card offers exceptional offers within all twelve months. You can access the Old Navy’s website to get updated on the new offers and sales. If you get more cash points and earn the upgraded status of the card, you can get numerous valuable benefits from the Navyist card.

What could be Improved?

Let us look at the elements that Old Navy could improve to attract more people to buy credit cards. The following are the factors

Introductory Discount

Old Navy offers a sign-up bonus of a 20% discount on the first purchase with the open-looped or closed-looped cards. The offer can save much of your balance compared to other cards, and it is not a valuable offer. Other than that, users who sign-up for the Old Navy Card via their email accounts can also get a similar offer of a 20% discount. This is discouraging to know that users who sign-up for the card and card members who made purchases with the card are offered a similar bonus offer.

Rewards Outside of Gap Inc. Brands

Although, users can use their Old Navy Visa Credit Card at all places where Visa is acceptable. But the rewards rate of 1 cash point on each dollar spent on purchases is not a high offer. Other credit cards similar to Old Navy Credit Card offer better rewards than Old Navy Card. So, spending your money and energy on purchases from Old Navy Stores and Old Navy Gap stores is not a good option.

Foreign Transaction Fee

Old Navy Visa Card charges a 3% foreign transaction fee if you travel outside the United States. This is not a good option for frequent travellers. If you travel outside the U.S, you will not prefer this card use.

Must Redeem Rewards at Gap Inc. Brands

Unlike other credit cards, Old Navy Credit Card offers multiple redemptions offers to users. Users can redeem their earned cash points on all the Gap stores and brands. The bad thing about the card is its reward rates and offers are limited and not flexible. The card requires users to make consistent purchases, but it is not preferable if they don’t want to spend. Users can make small purchases to get cash points and redeem them for use elsewhere.

Redemption Minimum

With Old Navy Card, users can make claims for their rewards only when they will earn 500 cash points. After that, they will get $5 for their rewards and redeem them via online or in-store purchases. Some other cards also offer these kinds of redemption, which is not a remarkable perk of the Old Navy Card. There should be more redemption offers and rates.

Suggested Credit Score

The recommended credit score for applying for an Old Navy Credit Card is 620 or more. Old Navy Store credit card is a great option for users with fair or bad credit scores or history. Users must follow strict requirements to qualify for the Old Navy Visa Card. These requirements are because users can use this card outside the Gap Inc. brands. To qualify for the Old Navy Visa Card, users need a credit score of 670 or more.

Types of Old Navy Credit Cards

In this section, we will discuss the different cards offered by the Old Navy and issued by Barclays. There are four types of Old Navy credit cards: Basic Old Navy card, Old Navy Visa card, Navyist card, and Navyist Visa card. Let’s get into it!

Old Navy Card

The Old Navy card is a basic level credit card that can only be used at the Old Navy stores. The company calls this card a store-branded credit card since it is linked with a branded story called Old Navy. Through this card, a person can purchase stylish clothing that fits the entire family of the person. The store sells at different times, and through this card, you can purchase clothes at a cheaper price and save a few dollars off your purchase.

Since Old Navy is part of the Gap Inc. family of various brands, you can also use it at several other places. For example, the Old Navy card can be used by people at Gap stores, Old Navy stores, Banana Republic stores, and Athleta stores. Hence, if you purchase clothes or accessories through an Old Visa card from any of the brands mentioned above, you can earn some discount or loyalty points.

The Old Navy card has certain benefits that people can enjoy, which include the following

  • Individuals can earn 5 points on each dollar spent across any of the Gap Inc. brands
  • After earning 500 points, you will get a $5 reward
  • Old Navy card members will receive exclusive offers throughout the year
  • Through an Old Navy card, you can get early access to some popular sites
  • The company also offers zero fraud liability to the members
  • You can get a 30% waived off on your first purchase through the card

Old Navy Visa Card

The Old Navy Visa card is also a base-level credit card that users can use at the Gap Inc. brands like Old Navy stores. However, this card is an upgrade from the old Navy card. Since this card is a Visa credit card, you can use it anywhere that accepts Visa cards. This card does not limit you to only a few stores. Hence, apart from Gap stores, Old Navy stores, Banana Republic stores, and Athleta stores, people can use this card at any other brand that Old Navy does not cover.

The Old Navy Visa card has certain benefits that people can enjoy, which include the following

  • Earn 5 points on each dollar spent across the four Gap Inc. stores
  • Enjoy a $5 reward after you earn 500 points
  • Become a regular member to receive daily exclusive offers from the company
  • Enjoy zero fraud liability on your credit card
  • Earn a 30% discount on the first purchase you make with the credit card
  • Earn 1 point on each dollar spent at any place where the Visa is accepted
  • Visa cardholders will get special offers and promos

Navyist Card

The Navyist Visa card is a status card introduced by Old Navy for people who complete requirements. People cannot apply for a Navyist card outright as they need to fulfil the following conditions to be eligible to apply

  • People need to earn at least 500 rewards points that do not include bonus and return points in a single calendar year
  • After you have earned 5000 points, you must pay off the required amount within the due date
  • The account standing must be in good shape with a high credit score and little or no debt

If a person upgrades their card to the Navyist credit card level, then under the terms and conditions of the program, their application will be processed in 3-4 months. This means the rewards members must complete the conditions mentioned above every year. If you are a rewards member, you must re-apply yearly to earn the Navyist status.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above for basic Old Navy cards, you will get to enjoy the following perks after holding a Navyist status

  • Members of Navyist cards get to enjoy 3-5 days of free shopping from any Gap Inc. store
  • Earn 20% bonus points every quarter
  • Users can get to enjoy free basic alterations on all of the Banana Republic purchases
  • Users will get a toll-free priority line which they can use to call a customer service representative if they have an issue

Navyist Visa Card

The other status card that people can apply for is the Navyist Visa card which grants them the right to use it anywhere that accepts Visa cards. Through this card, they can enjoy all the perks that the three cards offer to the people. Moreover, this is the high-end credit card that Old Navy has to offer to the people, so its perks are unique and special.

The following are some additional benefits that Navyist Visa cardholders enjoy

  • Earn 1 point on every dollar spent where the Visa is acceptable
  • Members will get to enjoy special offers and promos that are exclusive
  • Cardholder inquiry service to check if there is some anomaly in the credit card account
  • Members can activate emergency card replacement or cash reimbursement if the card is stolen

Applying for the Old Navy Credit Cards

Every creditor, like Old Navy, has a particular process established that people go with to apply for credit cards. Let’s look at that! In this section, we will see how people can apply for the Old Navy credit cards and what procedure should be adapted to make the process effective and efficient.

The appropriate method is to visit the Old Navy website and apply there directly. You will need to apply first, which the team of Old Navy will assess and get back to you. A person cannot select the Old Navy card of their preference. Instead, Old Navy will evaluate your creditworthiness to see how your credit score stands and then approve you for a credit card out of the four credit cards it offers.

The Old Navy credit card requirements are similar to other creditors that ask for an average credit score per the Fico Model. You will qualify for the Old Navy Visa credit card if you have above-average credit scores. The company will approve you for the Old Navy card if you have a fair credit score.

Some applicants will get approval for the card immediately, whereas some applications may take up to 7-10 days. The cards are delivered via mail to the mailing address the individual enters upon registration. The company has the right to reject you based on the online application. But there are cases where the customers have received a phone call to follow up on the information provided. However, the follow-up approval rate is lower, but it can happen.

An Old Navy Credit Card is Right for You If

With Old Navy Credit Card, users spend their cash to get points. And when they reach the cash points limit, they redeem the points to shop elsewhere. An Old Navy Credit Card is the best choice for users who only purchase at Old Navy stores and brands. Also, it is a good option for building credit. Fair or bad credit score leads to a hard phase for users to increase their credit scores. With Old Navy Credit Card, you can easily build your low credit score by making on-time payments and getting rewards.

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