Wells Fargo Bank Near Me

Wells Fargo is a firm that deals with financial services. The Bank was founded in March 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo and named it ‘Wells Fargo Bank” after their names. This old-run Bank was established in 2008 after getting a partnership with Wachovia bank. From its founding date till its establishing year, the Bank earned a total of $3.2 billion in deposits.

The headquarter of Wells Fargo Bank is in San Francisco. The Bank offers its banking and investment services not only in the U.S but to numerous cities and countries all around the world. The Bank has a vast network of bank branches all over the country. The Bank has established its offices in many countries, including Toronto, London, Dubai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The Bank also has offices in India and the Philippines with around 3000 workers.

Wells Fargo Bank is considered the largest banking institution worldwide, with high market capitalization compared with other financial institutions. Wells Fargo Bank has the top fourth position all over the United States for having massive assets. The Bank is rich with its 12,500 ATMs and 5,200 bank branches. The Bank provides its service in about 35 countries with more than 70 million customers.

Wells Fargo Bank offers the availability of online banking, credit cards, and debit cards through its mobile application. With an Online banking system, people can approach the Bank’s branch from any state or part of the country. Clients can follow the online banking system to have answers to their inquiries and application processes.

The Wells Fargo Bank offers a wide range of perks and benefits such as contracts for redesigning, ARM items, home loans, accommodation for advances of home loans, and advances for Subprime contracts. It also allows customers to select the items for the contract of loans and other benefits. The Bank also offers some unique rewards to its new clients.

There is an easy-to-use procedure to apply online administration of Wells Fargo Bank. All you need to do is to open an online record. The Bank will provide you with a username and a secret password at the time of record creation. Once you’ve made the record, sign in to your created account with your username and secret password. The Bank offers an excellent online administration.

Wells Fargo Bank Locations Near Me

As Wells Fargo Bank has a wide range of branches all around the country, it’s easy to find the nearest Wells Fargo Bank. You can search for the nearby Wells Fargo Bank by Maps, Google Map, or the Branch Locator feature of Wells Fargo Bank. This Locater feature is available on the website of Wells Fargo Bank. To find the nearest Bank, you must provide the following information in the search section:

  • Your street address or the name of a nearby popular location.
  • You can provide the zip code of your area or region.
  • Your state or city name.

The process of finding the nearby Wells Fargo Bank is easy and straightforward. Follow the given step-by-step guide to find the nearest Wells Fargo Bank easily. The Branch locator feature of Wells Fargo Bank will provide search results based on the nearest branches or ATMs. You can also search for the Bank with your required services.

  • Step 1: With an Android device, you can search with the Google Map application. And if you are using an iOS device, search with Maps or Google Map.
  • Step 2: Type ‘Wells Fargo Bank’ on the Google Map or Maps search bar. Tap on the search option at the bottom right corner of your phone.
  • Step 3: All the Wells Fargo Bank branches nearest to your location will be highlighted with red markers on the Map location. Click on a red Marker to have the name and other details of the branch. Click on the “Direction” button, which will provide you with the distance and the way from your home to reach the location. There is also a call button available with each bank branch to contact them for more details.

The branches of Wells Fargo bank dealing with consumer banking are popularly known for providing several services like creating bank accounts and simple procedures for applying for home and auto loans. Wells Fargo Bank has a Website locator feature that allows users to search for bank branches based on their nearby location or the services they provide.

The branch locator of Wells Fargo Bank provides information like what are the services of that branch, if the Bank is providing good customer service, its contact details, its mobile application, and whether the Bank is located near you or at a distance. The available services of Wells Fargo Bank, which you will find on its website, are:

  • The Bank only offers safe deposit boxes for safe payment plans to its members.
  • It allows users to visit the bank branch to have answers to general questions related to Wells Fargo Bank.
  • It offers clients to use of the ATM drive-up window so that they can easily withdraw their amounts by sitting in their cars.
  • The ATM service of all Wells Fargo Bank branches is available 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • The Bank offers users to exchange their amounts with international currencies.

Wells Fargo ATM Near Me

The branch locator feature of Wells Fargo Bank allows users to search for the nearby branches of the Bank that offer ATM service. All the search results will provide you with information such as whether the branch is located near you, has an ATM service, or is both a bank and ATM service provider. You can also check for ATM services with features like availability of 24 hours and a Drive-up option.

Wells Fargo Bank ATM service is free for its members, but the Bank charges a $2.50 ATM fee for Non-Well users. Users can withdraw $300 daily with the 24 hours service of Wells Fargo Bank ATM. Wells Fargo ATM services have the following features:

  • 24-hour availability: The ATM service of Wells Fargo Bank is available 24 hours, seven days a week. Users can get benefits from Wells Fargo Bank ATMs at any time with any bank branch.
  • Drive-up ATMs:  The ATMs of Wells Fargo Bank have drive-up facilities for users, so they can withdraw their cash amounts without getting out of their cars.

About Wells Fargo Near Me

The Wells Fargo Bank was founded in March 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo. Although the Bank was founded long ago, it was established in 2008. In all these years, from 1852 to 2008, the Bank has earned a total of $3.2 billion in deposits. The Bank has 12,500 ATMs and 5,200 bank branches. The Bank provides its service in 35 countries with more than 70 million customers.

The headquarter of Wells Fargo Bank is in San Francisco. The Bank offers its banking and investment services with its vast network of branches not only in the U.S but in many countries globally. Wells Fargo Bank is the largest banking service in the world with its high market capitalization. The Bank has the top fourth position among all the banks in the United States for having massive assets.

Wells Fargo Bank offers many products and services, but some of their services, such as savings accounts, auto loans, checking accounts, and personal loans, are the best services they offer. The Bank provides seven days a week services with an easy process of contacting via phone. You can find the operational hours of the Bank on the map or by contacting the nearest branch of Wells Fargo Bank.

Bank Application

Wells Fargo Bank offers a mobile application that users can use on their Android tablets and phones, iOS tablets and phones, and Windows phones. The mobile application offers many benefits to its account members. The Bank lets users know their bill payments, deposits, account balances, and fund transfers.

With the mobile application, users can also send money with their email accounts or mobile numbers. The mobile app also offers a GPS feature that allows users to search for the nearest Wells Fargo bank branches or ATMs.

  • Users having iOS operating devices can download the Bank’s iOS app from App Store.
  • Android users can download the Banking app from Google Play.

How to Contact Wells Fargo Bank

Following are the available contact numbers of Wells Fargo Bank related to specific purposes.

  • For Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: 1-888-818-9147
  • For Home Equity: 1-866-355-1540
  • For Personal Banking: 1-800-869-3557
  • For Personal Loan: 1-877-269-6056
  • For Personal Line of Credit: 1-800-946-2626
  • For Auto Loan: 1-800-289-8004 Monday to Friday, 7 am to 9 pm
  • For Credit, ATM, and Debit Cards:
    • For Credit Cards: 1-800-642-4720
    • For ATM and Debit Cards: 1-800869-3557
  • For Small Business Banking: 1-800-225-5935
  • For Investment Services:
    • For The Private Bank: 1-800-715-0380
    • For Wells Trade: 1-800-872-3377
    • For Wells Fargo Advisors: 1-866-817-7940

Wells Fargo Customer Service

Wells Fargo’s website offers users a detailed guide about every function, offer, and service of Wells Fargo Bank. To get help or contact a customer service agent, you can use the following information:

  • Call on 1-800-TO-WELLS or any other contact number provided on the website of Wells Fargo Bank to contact a customer service agent that can provide answers to general banking queries.
  • Send an Email to Customer Care Service by signing into your Online Wells Fargo Account.
  • Tweet on the Customer care Twitter account at the manage @Ask_WellsFargo or contact the Facebook page of the Wells Fargo Bank.

Customers living in the U.S can get information about their accounts from Customer service advisors by taking appointments in all bank branches of Wells Fargo Bank. The service hours and times for in-person appointments can differ for all branches. Users can search for the nearest branch of Wells Fargo Bank by using Google Maps or via the online branch locator feature of Wells Fargo Bank.

Other than the in-person appointment, users can access their bank accounts via online mobile banking on their mobile phones, or using the Wells Fargo Bank mobile application. They don’t need to worry about the service hours because the online administration of Wells Fargo Bank is available 24/7.

Wells Fargo did not establish its offices outside the United States that provide benefits and offers to small business owners or customers with retail shops. So when you travel internationally, you must have access codes of contact numbers of the Wells Fargo Bank. You can also get information from the travel resource centre of the country you are travelling in.

Hours of Operation

Every bank branch of Wells Fargo offers different operational hours. So it’s good to know about your nearest bank branch’s open hours. You can have information about the Wells Fargo operational hours by searching the nearest bank branch via Google Map. The search results will provide multiple information, including the open hours of that branch of Wells Fargo bank.

You can also visit Wells Fargo Bank’s website or contact via the provided phone. The website or the customer service of Wells Fargo bank will provide information about the bank branches open on Saturdays, and ATMs open 24 hours.

  • Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Frida, 9 a.m. to 6p.m.
  • Some local branches also open on Saturdays, between 9 am to 1 pm.

What does Wells Fargo Bank offer?

There are many perks, benefits, and services that Wells Fargo Bank offers to its users. We will discuss them all in detail in the following:

  • Wells Fargo Bank offers the standard retail banking package to its account holders, including borrowing products, credit cards, and many others.
  • Individuals with a lot of money and companies can get trustful management options and assets Wells Fargo bank offers.
  • Wells Fargo Bank has large and successful financing in the commercial market.
  • It offers a flexible division designed especially for its employees with large businesses or companies. Bank has removed the requirement of having insurance policies or several bank accounts for its employees.
  • The Wells Fargo Bank has huge investment plans with its banking division.

Wells Fargo bank offers its users and account holders multiple financial products and services. All the products of Wells Fargo are available at every bank branch of the Bank. Following are the financial products and services offered by Wells Fargo bank.

  • Credit Cards: Users can access their credit cards by signing into their Wells Fargo Online accounts to get information about their credit card balance, funds transfer, and other card services. Wells Fargo will assign you a Personal Identification Number for using Credit cards at ATMs. By using that PIN, you can withdraw your cash amounts at ATMs.
  • Auto Loans: With Auto loans from Wells Fargo Bank, users must pay daily interest charges. The Bank will decrease the daily interest charges if you pay off the principal loan balance.
  • Home Loans: Wells Fargo offers multiple home loans to users. You must match the available home loans to your situation and then choose. With many Home Mortgage options and Home loans, Wells Fargo offers users some perks and gift funds. It also offers guidance for the mortgage process if you are home-buying.
  • Checking Accounts: With a checking account, you can have information about your cash details so that your cash will be safe and secure. Checking accounts offers multiple options to users for avoiding several fees like monthly service charges. Users use debit cards for their daily transactions and payments, including bills.
  • Savings Accounts: A Savings Account is the best option for accumulating interests on multiple funds. Without a savings account, you can have high-interest rates on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. There are multiple types of Savings Accounts based on interest rates, monthly service fees, and some account features.
  • Personal Loans: Wells Fargo Bank offers Personal loans to users with a range of $3,000 to $100,000. Users can avail of personal loans of $3,000 to $5,000 for one to three years and $5,000 to $100,000 for one to eight years. The Bank requires users to have a regular APR of 5.74% Variable.
  • Investing: Wells Fargo offers users multiple investing options. Users can access the Wells Fargo Advisors’ Brokerage Cash Services feature to combine their investments and digital banking account. Users need a minimum of $500 for the initial investment amount. Wells Fargo Bank offers flexible investment options, but bank offers can change with time. So it’s good to have timely information about the Bank’s features, services, and offers.


Wells Fargo bank has earned an excellent reputation with valuable perks and services, especially customer service. The Bank has links with several international banks in numerous countries. The Bank has many branches and ATMs in all states of the U.S. Many people keep Wells Fargo Bank on top of their priority list. With this type of great feedback, Wells Fargo has become the best investment banking institution in the world. With the help of Google Maps, users can find the nearest Wells Fargo banks. As Google Map is available on Android and iOS devices, users can quickly locate the Bank.

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