Tradeline Supply Company Review

Tradeline Supply Company is a firm that provides credit repair services. Any account appearing on your credit report is called a tradeline. A loan or a credit card may be referred to as a new tradeline being added to your credit report. A timely payment made for these increases your credit score, whereas defaulting on them decreases it. If you have bad credit or you want to improve your credit score, the tradeline supply company comes in handy in such cases. If you do not want to wait long for a gradual improvement in your credit, you can add a strong tradeline to your account with a good history and your credit score boosts up immediately.

When you buy a tradeline through Tradeline supply company, your name is put into the credit account of another person temporarily and when you sell a tradeline, an authorized user is added to your credit account and you earn some money for that. Tradeline supply company started in 2017, offers tradelines at an affordable rate. They have a website through which you can choose and buy the available tradelines.

Tradeline Supply company acts as a broker between the seller and the buyer and does not guarantee a credit score boost. But it does provide you a genuine way to help with credit boost by giving you temporary access to the increased credit limit, decreased credit utilization, and addition of great credit history. All these can help you with the credit score increment and also makes you eligible for a mortgage loan or additional credit card. This company reports to at least two credit bureaus.

Is it safe to use Tradeline Supply Company

Yes, Tradeline supply company is a legitimate and safe company. People are scared of it being a scam as this is a relatively new company. This is a genuine company for you to sell or buy tradelines with affordable pricing and provides a simple platform. People have seen their credit getting increased after working with Tradeline Supply Company. Your information is safe and protected. For instance, a buyer would not have access to the account or the financial information of the seller.

Tradeline Supply Company may give your credit score an immediate boost but this is not a permanent solution. You would also need to make good financial decisions in the long term. If you are in debt, traditional credit companies would make a better option. Whether the company is good for you or not also depends on your financial needs, so before opting to go with tradeline supply, you should do some research and also figure out the kind of tradeline you would like for yourself.

How to choose a Tradeline

We talked before about doing some research on the kind of tradeline you would associate with. We have listed down few factors that you can keep in mind while selecting a tradeline

Credit Limit

A tradeline with a higher credit limit is better. Buying such a tradeline can have a good impact on your credit score. Your credit report will show access to a higher credit limit. The credit utilisation will be low if the credit limit is more and this can help you improve your credit score significantly.

Credit History

Your credit history has an impact on your credit score, so it’s important to have a tradeline that is somewhat old. If you get a tradeline with a positive history, it will reflect on your credit file too. You would want to show extended credit history, even if it’s only temporary. Also, an old tradeline or a tradeline with significant history is likely to be more professional than a new one.

Credit Utilization

Choose a tradeline with low credit utilisation. Try finding a tradeline whose utilisation is between 20% to 30%. A very high credit utilization will not improve your credit score. On the other hand, a tradeline with 0% utilisation will not have any impact on your credit score as no activity on the credit would mean no increase in credit score.

Reviews & Reputation

It’s very essential to get a review of a tradeline before you invest. This is because you don’t want to invest somewhere which will either leave no improvements on your credit score or which will negatively impact your credit score. For instance, buying a tradeline with a history of over utilisation of credit or late bill payments will bring you more harm than good. Go for a tradeline with positive reviews.

How does a buying a tradeline improve your credit

Once you buy a tradeline, another person’s credit account gets linked to your credit account. You also get the credit history and credit limit added to your account. When buying a tradeline, you basically get a temporary share of someone else’s work on their credit. This gives you a boost for a better loan offer or interest rate. Your credit report will show a longer credit history and timely payments. Yes, the positive payment history will be added to your history. Tradeline companies do not keep tradelines with bad payment history, you will essentially get a tradeline that has years of timely payments added to it. A lengthy and positive credit history helps improve your credit score.
Along with history, credit utilization improves too. Suppose you initially have a credit limit of $100 and utilization is $50, making it 50%. If you add a tradeline with a $1000 credit limit, your utilization becomes only 5%. A low credit utilization will help in credit score increment.

Is selling credit legal And should you sell it

Yes, this is legal. You are legally permitted to add anyone to your credit card. It is also legal to sell your credit history and buy another person’s credit history. Legally you can’t be forbidden from doing this. But trading credits does involve a risk. So you need to be sure about the person or company you are selling or buying credit from. While you are selling your credit, you do not want your personal data to be leaked or sold off to some third party. For buying too, you would want to buy from a reputable company, such as the Tradeline Supply. This will also ensure that you don’t get linked to some unauthorised credit account. You also need to be aware of the number of times the tradeline company sells a particular tradeline. Getting involved with unauthorized users or accounts may prompt the credit card company to notice or cancel your account.

If you have a good credit, you would obviously want to keep it that way and not have some negative impact on it. So, before you decide to sell your credit, make sure it is being assigned to an authorized user. Tradeline Supply Company ensures that only authorized users are involved in tradeline buying and selling. Also, the buyer will not have access to your account, so they can’t make any changes to your account.

You would also not want to add too many users as this may alert the creditors, which could result in the cancellation or suspension of your credit account. So you must sell your credits through a reputable tradeline company. Tradeline Supply company only lets two authorized users access your credit for a reporting cycle.

It’s also important that you do not continuously sell and take breaks in between. This helps in continuous earning as it reduces the risks of suspension. You will not earn a lot of money through selling credit but it does make up for easy money.

Alternatives ways to build credit

When it comes to finding ways to improve your credit, there are numerous ways available in the market. We have listed down a few to help you decide if you should try these or go with some tradeline business firm.

Paying off credit bills

One best way to have a good credit score is to pay the credit card dues on time. If you have credit cards, make the full payment and clear off any dues, this will help you save interest and also boost up your credit score.

Secured credit card

If you do not have a good credit score and you are not able to get a credit card, opting for a secured credit card is a good choice. For this, you will need to make some deposits which will also act as your credit limit. You can then use the card to make purchases. If you repay the amount timely, it helps in increasing the credit score. You can opt for a secured credit card if you are starting from scratch. This card comes up with some annual charges and relatively higher interest. You can avoid paying much interest by using the card responsively like paying the dues on time and keeping the credit utilization low. After a period of responsible use, you may even qualify to get an unsecured credit card with a higher credit limit.

Credit Builder Loan

Credit builder loans are a great way to increase your credit score and you don’t need a good credit score to apply for this. This is a kind of loan where you pay installments in a bank account or certificate of deposit, and get back the whole amount at the end along with any interest you earned. You would need to deposit some amount every month while the lender reports your payments to credit bureaus. These kinds of loans are usually available in small amounts where you would need to pay around a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The time period of the loan may range from a few months to two years.

Pros – Tradeline Supply Company Review

  • Tradeline Supply Company is very effective in increasing the credit score of the buyer. It does so by improving credit utilization and credit history. Also, it only works with sellers who have a good track record with credit bureaus and their credit utilization is below 15%. They also make sure that the seller does not have a history of late payment.
  • Tradeline Supply company offers tradelines at very affordable pricing. In fact it is one of the least expensive tradeline companies in the market. You can even find a few deals at around 50% of what other companies charge.
  • Tradeline Supply also offers great customer support. They ensure fast replies and timely resolution of the issues.
  • The platform provided by the company is very easy to use. They have an automated online platform where you can buy primary tradelines. Since the ordering system is simple, it helps in reducing the costs involved.


  • Some of the best tradelines offered by the tradeline supply company are not cost effective. You may have to spend a little extra if you are looking for any such tradeline.
  • Each tradeline comes with a date before which you need to buy, otherwise, you will have to wait for several weeks before it appears on your credit report.

Alternate companies in the tradeline business

Priority Tradelines

Priority Tradelines was established in 2016 in Texas, and has knowledgeable founders as they have been in the tradeline business since long before. Their website shows all the tradelines they offer and you can even get an online consultation done before choosing the tradeline.

BoostCredit 101

BoostCredit101 provides wholesale tradeline business and also offers free consultation on any query you have. But they also have negative reviews associated with them regarding not so good customer service and high prices. In this regard, Tradeline Supply Company makes a better option.


Established in 2007, Credit Pro is a relatively older company and is thus a trusted and reputed business in the tradeline market. They too provide free consultation and the whole process is fairly quick. They also give a money back option if something goes wrong. However, you may need to find a reseller if you are looking to buy from CreditPro.

What we love about Tradeline Supply Company

Even though tradeline supply company is relatively new in the market, it has established itself as a reputed and easy going company. There are few things which we absolutely love about tradeline supply.

  • Tradeline supply has come out to be a trustworthy company in a market where tradeline business is usually seen as a not so good business. They make a very professional company by providing good customer support, transparency and integrity.
  • They provide favorable results with their service like tradelines with only 15% utilization and good credit history. They also make sure to add only authorized and limited users to a credit account.
  • One of the best things about Tradeline Supply Company is that they provide very affordable pricing. You can buy multiple tradelines and you also don’t need to spend a fortune to meet your financial goals.

Questions we often get

Final Review of Tradeline Company

Tradeline Supply Company makes up for a good option for both buyers and sellers. You get to sell your credits to authorized users and make easy money. You also get to add authentic tradelines added to your credit account.  It provides a simple and hassle free platform and the whole process is very quick. On top of that, you also get helpful customer support with good reviews over a quick turnaround time. We went through company reviews and ratings on different social platforms and can say both buyers and sellers are happy with tradeline supply.

Having said that, it is also important to note that no company in the tradeline business guarantees a credit boost as this depends on a number of other factors. You should also be aware of the risk involved, such as suspension of your credit account in case you are selling credits. Also, some people may feel that selling and buying credits is unethical. In that case, Tradeline Supply Company may not be a good option for you.

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