Tjmaxx Credit Card Review

Tjmaxx credit card is a good credit card for people who want to get discounts. People with Tjmaxx credit cards can quickly get a reasonable discount from TJ Maxx stores, HomeGoods, Sierra Stores, and Marshalls. Tjmaxx credit is a good option as a secondary card. As a primary card, other cards can be more beneficial.

This credit card is a good option if you mainly purchase stuff from Tjmaxx stores. For other stores, you may need other cards. For everyday use, the credit card of Tjmaxx does not provide enough benefits. The credit card of Tjmaxx offers a 10% coupon for all the affiliated stores of Tjmaxx. For the clients of these specific stores, it is the best option.

In this article, we will discuss Tjmaxx credit cards. We will elicit the credit card’s features and understand its pros and cons. The article will further discuss the requirements to own a Tjmaxx credit card. We will include a section to highlight the people who will suit the needs of this card. A FAQs section will be added to answer some questions related to the Tjmaxx credit card.

How Does Tjmaxx Credit Card Work?

If you are a new cardholder of Tjmaxx credit card, it will give you a 10% off for your first in-store transaction. After that, when you use the credit card of the Tjmaxx store, you will get 5 points for every dollar purchase. This offer is valid for specific stores like Tjmaxx stores, HomeGoods, Sierra stores, and Marshalls.

Another specification of this card is that when you complete 1000 points, you will get a certificate of 10$ worth. Thus, the certificate will be applicable for in-store purchases. By getting this, you will get a 5% discount. Furthermore, by holding this card, you will also be invited to all exclusive shopping events.

Cost And Fees of Tjmaxx Credit Card

The APR for the things you purchase with a Tjmaxx credit card is 26.99%. This APR is comparatively high. If you regularly carry this credit card of Tjmaxx, then it is essential for you not to take any balance from month to month. If you accept the monthly compensation, you will have to pay extra. You can pay the fees online as well.

You can manage all your finances and costs from the credit card’s online portal. Tjmaxx credit card has a partnership with Synchrony Bank. You can also pay your dues by adding this card to your Tally profile, and in this way, you can get help in the management of payments.

What Is the Credit Score Requirement for Tjmaxx Credit Card?

The credit score requirement is mostly high for Tjmaxx credit cards. This is because Tjmaxx credit card mainly approves the applications of people with better credit scores. It usually accepts 620 or more than 620 credit scores. So if you have around a 620 credit score, then there is a good chance that they will get your application.

Automatic Rewards Redemptions of Tjmaxx Credit Card

Tjmaxx credit card offers an easy way of getting rewards. There is no requirement for external cards or accounts to get a bonus from the Tjmaxx credit card. After getting enough points, you will get a reward certificate in your mail. In addition, you will get tips for almost 10$ and 20$. The only requirement of this reward is enough points.

How to Maximize Your Reward System of Tjmaxx Credit Card?

There are certain conditions to maximize your credit reward. On average, you need to spend 1000$ in a month, and at that spending rate, you will get 60,000 points for Tjmaxx purchases and 12,000 on all of your assets. Thus, the more you spend, the more you will have the option of getting more rewards. If you pay less, there is no average benefit; if you spend more, the possibility of more rewards will expand for you is the basic rule for this card.

For Whom the Credit Card of Tjmaxx is best?

The credit card of Tjmaxx is best for those who regularly shop from Tjmaxx stores and all affiliated stores of Tjmaxx. If you are a person who can periodically check the reward points, then you can maximize your discount opportunities. In that case, the Tjmaxx credit card is your best option. Furthermore, if you can quickly pay your monthly balance, you can consider this credit card.

Tjmaxx credit card has no fee for any foreign transaction. Suppose you plan to go abroad and have no time to open a new account. You can keep this account because it will not charge you any extra money. Thus, it is the best option for you in this case.

How to Apply for Tjmaxx Credit Card?

You can go to the Tjmaxx store and meet a customer service representative. He will give you an application, and your application will take a whole process. However, the process is not lengthy, and it will happen immediately. There is also another option for the ease of customers. You can apply for this credit card from Tjmaxx online.

For the online process, you need to visit the Tjmaxx website. The website will provide your name, email, social security number, and annual income. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for this card from your phone.

After the approval of this credit card, you can physically manage your card by shopping in the store and ordering the card digitally. For the payment, you will get monthly statements. You have an option of paper and electronic. However, Tjmaxx does not provide an in-store payment option.

Security Features of Tjmaxx Credit Card

The Tjmaxx credit card has a great security system. It always protects your complete information related to your finance with the help of a security chip. In addition, you can always keep your account activity in check through the mobile app and the website. This unique security system makes this credit card valuable for customers. They use it because of its special security features.

Pros of Tjmaxx Credit Card

Everything in this universe has some pros and cons. Nothing is entirely correct, and nothing is completely wrong. So here are some pros of Tjmaxx credit cards.

  • You can get 5 points per dollar if you use this credit card in stores of Tjmaxx.
  • You can get 1 point per dollar if you use this credit card in other stores.
  • You can quickly get 10$ coupons for all affiliated stores.

Besides these pros, as a new customer and making your first purchase, you can quickly get a 10% off. This offer and reward only apply to stores affiliated with Tjmaxx credit cards. This offer is also helpful if you purchase from the website of Tjmaxx for the first time.

Another significant perk of this credit card is that this card is now getting good recognition. It means that virtually from many places, you can purchase this card from specific stores and get a reward and benefits.

Cons of Tjmaxx Credit Card

With every good thing, there is a bad thing. With every benefit, there are some cons. Here are some cons of Tjmaxx credit cards.

  • This card is not a good option as an everyday card.
  • Tjmaxx card is not a good option for people who regularly keep their balance on their credit cards.
  • It has a high APR in comparison to other credit cards.

Besides these cons, another con of this credit card is its limited redemption option. It means that the reward has certain conditions, and if you do not fulfill those conditions, you will not be able to get that reward. Another con with this card is that it can be very costly if you own a balance. Thus, it is not a good option for people who regularly keep balance. Using a credit card for regular spending is not a good option for you. However, for everyday use, it will be a very costly experience for you. Thus, in that case, you should use it as a secondary option.

Tjmaxx Credit Cards In Comparison to Other Credit Cards

If you want to know which credit card works best for you, you need to know about the features of all credit cards. It will provide a context in which you can think about what works well for you. It will give you information, and you can decide according to your needs.

Tjmaxx Credit Card and Vs. Chase Freedom Flex

The Chase Freedom Flex credit is a cashback credit card. It gives you a reasonable amount of savings. This cashback Credit Card will be of no use at the Tjmaxx store. You can get a 5% cash back by Chase Freedom Credit Card if you spend 1500$. You can get 5% cash back on all of your travel purchases. You can quickly get 3% cash back on drugstore purchases and 1% cash back for other investments.

However, the drawback of the Chase Freedom Credit Card is that you cannot use this card in Tjmaxx stores. So if you regularly shop from the Tjmaxx store, then this cashback credit card of Chase Freedom Flex will not work for you.

Tjmaxx Credit Card Vs. Citi Double Cash Card

The Citi double cash card is a good option, but it does not work well regarding the 5% reward rate of the Tjmaxx credit card. However, for other purchases, this Citi credit card works well. By having the card Citi Double cash, you can easily earn 2% for every purchase, and you will be able to get 1% for additional purchases.

Tjmaxx stores’ reward system is not as good as the Tjmaxx credit card reward system. However, the cashback facility of Citi Double Cash is remarkable. Citi Double Cash Card is best for you if you want to get a cashback. If you wish for a reward system, then the Tjmaxx card may work well for you because, with the help of this card, you can get a reward system and a better shopping experience at the stores of Tjmaxx.

Special Discounts On Tjmaxx Credit Cards

You have an opportunity of getting great discounts if you do shopping from Tjmaxx stores. In addition, you get an invitation to exclusive shopping events. You can sign up for the card and choose the option of receiving special offers through emails.

Get 10% off As a Welcome Bonus

For most users, the best part of the Tjmaxx credit card is an excellent welcome bonus. If you join this card, you will immediately get a 10% off coupon. After the approval, you can use this Tjmaxx credit card. There are some conditions for Tjmaxx credit card sign-up for the bonus.

For the bonus approval, first, you must use the Tjmaxx credit card for the purchase. Secondly, if you apply online, you will get a coupon code. That coupon applies to the stores and websites of Tjmaxx. There are some other stores as well that support this card.

 You can get a discount from Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra, Trading Post, and HomeSense stores. Thirdly, if you apply from a mobile phone, you will get a 10% coupon in-store.

High APR of Tjmaxx Credit Card

Just like most credit cards have a high APR rate. The Tjmaxx credit cards have a high APR. So you will have to pay a relatively high APR if you do not pay monthly.

And another drawback with this high APR is that your reward will fail. It is a simple calculation that paying 20$ as interest charges and earning 10$ is a downfall for you.


Now that you have understood about the Tjmaxx credit card let us look at some of the questions people have related to the topic.

Which Is the Best Credit Score for Tjmaxx Credit Card?

Most people ask for the best credit score for gaining a Tjmaxx credit card. The best answer to this question is a user must have a 620 credit score or more than 620 credit score. If your credit score is 670 or more, you have a better chance of a reward system. The rewards you get from the stores of Tjmaxx are more flexible than other rewards.

Which Bank Provides the financial Affiliation to the Tjmaxx Credit Card?

Most people get the card after getting appropriate knowledge about the Bank that handles the credit card’s financial services. Synchrony Bank addresses all economic issues of the Tjmaxx credit card. It is a legal financial institution of Tjmaxx credit card.

Is It Possible to Get a Tjmaxx Credit Card Online?

Many people prefer online services and ask whether they can use the Tjmaxx credit card online. The regular Tjmaxx reward credit card is only applicable for stores, but still, if you qualify after completing certain conditions, you can also use this card online. You can also link the credit card with apps, increasing your reward system.

Why a Social Security Number Is a Requirement for a Tjmaxx Credit Card?

You will have to face a hard credit inquiry for applying for a Tjmaxx credit card. Therefore, your social security number is an essential requirement. This social number will help you in obtaining the credit file.

How to Check the Balance of the Tjmaxx Credit Card?

You can quickly check your balance on your Tjmaxx credit card by logging into your Tjmaxx My Credit Card Account. You must provide your credit card number and billing zip code for your incomplete registration process to check your balance.

Can You Pay Your Credit Card Bill Online?

Like other innovative stores, you can quickly pay your credit card bill online. First, you need to log into your account of Tjmaxx, and by logging in, you will get electronic statements and be able to pay your credit card bill online.


There are always some good and bad things about everything in this universe. Tjmaxx credit card is just a fine example of it. It has some advantages and disadvantages. It is a store card and offers rewards and perks if you purchase stuff from Tjmaxx stores or stores affiliated with Tjmaxx. If you do not regularly shop from Tjmaxx, then this is not a good option for you because, in that case, you will have to pay more.

If you cannot pay the fee regularly, then this is not a good option because, in that case, it will offer a more APR. It does not have any fees for foreign transactions; thus, if you cannot have another account immediately, you can have this account even after moving abroad. The uses and benefits of this card may vary from user to user. You can determine the perks and your needs and then register this card.

This credit card works well for people who regularly work for discounts and want immediate deals. Moreover, the reward system of this credit card is perfect. Thus, you can have a good shopping experience with this credit card at the stores of Tjmaxx, and for the regular customers of Tjmaxx, it is the best option. As a user, you can better decide if it works well for you or not. Evidence shows that the Tjmaxx credit card works well for shopping.

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