Ovation Credit Review

If you’re scouring the market for a credit repair service, Ovation could be an option worth your consideration.

One of the critical elements for establishing financial independence is ensuring your credit report is in good standing and that everything is polished.

Ovation is a professional company that offers credit review services by checking your history, providing you with an unlimited platform to channel disputes to the credit bureaus and several goodwill and validation letters.

As an industry that is one of the top choices for users, Ovation is backed by LendingTree – a top online provider of home loans, automotive loans and refinancing – and has been in business since 2004.

With an A+ BBB rating, Ovation has built partnerships with TransUnion and LendingTree to help their consumers live a better credit life by providing top-notch credit repair services.

About Ovation Credit

Ovation Credit was built in 2004 by LendingTree and has been in business for close to two decades.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Ovation Credit is one of the most reputable credit repair companies that take pride in prioritizing the needs of the consumers before everything else.

From removing inaccurate entries from credit reports to implementing premier winning strategies, Ovation Credit has a good track record of helping consumers take hold of their financial lives.

No doubt, Ovation Credit utilizes a wide range of experienced attorneys who have an incredible experience in dealing with credit repair issues.

Once you present your case to The Ovation Credit repair team, you can be assured that the advice you’ll receive is tailored in helping you repair credit.

How Ovation Credit works

The preliminary step to take once you present your case to The Ovation Credit team is obtaining your credit reports from the three bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

Once you have the reports, your assigned legal team will examine and identify glaring points of concern such as debts, which cannot be verified, inaccurate dates and duplicate entries.

Afterward, The Ovation paralegals swing into action by working to appeal and intervene with the creditors and data centers to have these elements deleted from your report.

One notable element in how they work is that they’ll involve and update you on every stage by developing a sensible plan to rebuild your credit with time.

This strategy would work to your leverage, especially when you want to make financial decisions in the future, like securing a line of credit or another loan.

The company’s electronic system is incredibly beneficial in helping you submit your initial disputes, and you can track the progress of your case round the clock.

If you sign up for the Essentials Plus plan – the company’s premium package – you will have a personal advisor who will send out validation and goodwill letters to your creditors. Additionally, they will scrutinize your TransUnion credit report and serve you with recommendation letters.

Learning how to take charge of your credit is the team’s top priority, and that’s what they inherently focus on to help you grasp the essentials.

What does The Company remove?

The number one aim of the company is to delete as many negative entries as possible.

The entries that the legal team works on include:

  • Charge-offs
  • Delinquencies
  • Collections
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Credit inquiries
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies

Keep in mind that Ovation Credit can only remove entries that are expired, lost, fraudulent or duplicated.

In other words, legitimate items will remain on your credit report until they are resolved.

Removing inaccurate records is the first step towards taking charge of your financial life, but remember to uphold integrity and honesty.

Can Ovation Credit work for me?

One of the most significant concerns with most consumers with bad credit is whether their investment will pay off.

There is a sense of paranoia and confidence that you can do everything on your own without having to spend some bucks in a credit repair company.

While this is a valid concern, many people have used the services of Ovation Credit and had their credit restored completely.

At a glance, Ovation Credit would work to your leverage if you’re looking for:

  • Credit repair, and you just don’t know how to start
  • Free credit consultation coupled with professional credit check
  • Technical advice on how to fix broken credit
  • Raise a low credit score
  • Professional information and advice regarding general credit issues

Ovation Credit Services

The services of Ovation Credit are categorized into two major groups based on the disparity in the needs of their consumers.

Essentials package

This plan includes almost every component that a typical consumer would need for credit restoration.

You’ll need a ‘first work fee’ of $114 and an accompanying monthly fee of $69. Besides, you can add a fast track package and identity optimization fee of $25 each.

With the Essentials package, you’ll get a dispute process for each item in your credit report that you think it’s inaccurate and a personal advisor who will guide you.

Additionally, you’ll access financial management tools that include budgeting services and debt payment services.

At a glance, this package is ideal for someone with typical credit issues like minor disputes and minimal information discrepancies.

Essentials Plus plan

This plan contains everything in the essentials package, plus a couple of other helpful features for someone with more complex credit problems,

With this package, you’ll get seamless access to fully customized validation letters that are proven to be effective at removing as many items as possible.

Besides, one of their staff attorneys will sign a recommendation letter that could be of help with future loan issuers. This service also comes with credit monitoring provisions to alert you on changes that impact your credit report, which work to prevent fraud.

Like the Essentials plan, this payment plan has a ‘first work fee’ of $114 and a monthly fee of $99.

Offers and discounts

Depending on your issue, you may be eligible for an Ovation Credit discount.

Military staff and senior persons receive a 10% discount while couples receive 20% off.

If you move from a competitor, you’ll receive a $50 credit, and you’ll also get $30-$50 for any referral.

Ovation Credit pros

With so many credit repair companies, deciding on the credit repair company can be a daunting task.

Ovation Credit has some advantages that could help it stand from the crowd and capture your attention.


One of the strong points for Ovation Credit is the overall A+ accreditation, according to BBB.

In a highly-competitive industry, such accreditation is a good sign that the company is trustworthy and transparent.

Ease of access

Ovation Credit provides an incredibly straightforward and modern website.

You can either consult with the experts online, phone them directly, reach them via social media or directly talk to their credit analyst.

Besides, you can download the free Ovation app where you can check your account for any progress in credit as well as modifications.

Range of payment plans

Ovation Credit offers two payment plans – Essentials and Essentials Plus – from which you choose depending on your needs.

When compared to the industry average, you’ll notice that Ovation has a transparent, although it isn’t the cheapest across the entire industry.

Excellent customer service

The customer service team works from 8 AM to 9 PM EST on weekdays, and 10 AM to 4 PM EST on Saturdays.

You can also reach them through emails and channel your queries through their certified address.

While the company provides excellent customer service, the biggest drawback is that you can’t access seamless customer support. Unlike other competitors, Ovation Credit lacks the provision to assist round the clock.


You can add custom options on your plan, which means you can pick and choose elements that make the best fit for your needs.

This provision is a scarce and priceless advantage.

Same day service

One notable perk of Ovation Credit is that the paralegals would start working on your case almost immediately.

The company is committed to offering top-notch services, which is the top reason the paralegals hasten this process.

Identity protection

Identity theft is increasingly becoming a significant concern across different niches.

When it comes to credit reports, cybercriminals have hit the finance niche hard, which has necessitated Ovation Credit to provide identity optimization.

This feature will help you have peace of mind since you’ll live knowing that your records are in safe hands.

Disadvantages of Ovation Credit

Limited signup capability

The only way you can sign up initially is to contact Ovation Credit on the phone.

If you’re more comfortable with online forms, this limited provision can be detrimental.

Few customer ratings

Ovation Credit does not have several negative reviews, but they also lack a sufficient number of positive reviews.

The reason for these few ratings is that the company is still young and lacks the weight of longevity like its competitors.

Lack of education

Ovation Credit does not offer substantial education on identity theft and tools to deal with creditors.

Unlike the company’s competitors, the lack of this feature as another detrimental element to the company.

Additional services offered by Ovation Credit

Besides offering credit repair, Ovation Credit gives consumers a chance of customizing their credit repair plans to suit their preferences.

Along with this provision comes credit monitoring and credit consultation provisions.

After the analysis, the professional gives a comprehensive report of the costs and services that they recommend. The services include correction of mistakes, identity fraud protection or other solutions that come with credit repair.

Credit consultation, on the other hand, involves a one-time consultation with an expert who will answer all your queries about issues to do with credit.

The period required to repair your credit

The company starts procession disputes immediately, and once your assigned attorney files a dispute with the respective credit bureau, the data center will have 30 days to respond.

In their response, the credit bureau will be required to provide evidence that the item is genuinely yours. If they can’t validate the item, the respected bureau will be required to delete the entry.

Most consumers have reported that they’ve seen a significant spike in their credit score after 30 days – a trend which they observe till they discontinue the service.

While no credit company can guarantee a quick credit fix, Ovation’s track record is enough evidence that they have a good track record.

Generally speaking, the whole process can take anywhere between 2 and 6 months, depending on your unique needs.

If the credit bureau verifies the entries as legitimate, they can stick to your report for as long as 7-10 years.

Nonetheless, if the disputed items get deleted, you’ll undoubtedly see a rise in your credit score.

Ovation Credit security

One of your primary concerns about your data is the company’s security.

The great news is that Ovation Credit has strict policies to ensure the security of all consumers is upheld.

As a company managed by LendingTree, Ovation Credit abides by GLBA consumer privacy policy that governs the information collected from consumers as well as cookies and tracked data.

LendingTree emphasizes on the measures put in place to safeguard information access by unauthorized sites.

How to sign up

Ovation Credit has limited sign up provision – which is exclusively restricted to phone signup.

If you’re someone who prefers website signup, this limitation can be a massive drawback to you.

Nevertheless, you can dial The Ovation number and have them take you through the process.

Comparison of Ovation Credit with competitors

Lexington law

One of the top competitors for Ovation Credit is Lexington law.

Both credit companies have multiple packages, with fees starting at$69 for Ovation and $89.95 for Lexington Law.

While Ovation Credit offers financial management tools in its Essentials plan, Lexington law restricts this provision to its premier plan.

However, you’ll get better credit monitoring with the Lexington law’s standard plan than this company’s premier plan.

One thing that makes Ovation Credit stand out is that it has limited consumer complaints, unlike Lexington law that has several CFCB complaints filed against it.

Sky Blue credit

One striking similarity between Ovation Credit and sky blue is their pricing.

Even though this firm has a higher initial fee, it has different additional services that sky blue credit lacks.


Both services have pocket-friendly service options as well as identity optimization.

CreditRepair.com’s most affordable packages, however, come with limited results. Despite Ovation Credit having a higher initial set up fee, the discounts can help you maximize your money’s value.

Keeping a good credit score

If your efforts to attain a good credit score with Ovation Credit hit a brick wall, all is not lost.

Below are some ways to raise your credit score.

Pay your bills on time

Besides paying for your credit cards and loans on time, you should also clear your bills.

While certain timely payments don’t get reported to the credit data centers, a good payment history would work to your leverage.

That said, even a mere library fine could end up showing on your credit report, and if you leave it unpaid, it could end up into a collection.

Maintain your credit utilization under 30%

The higher your credit utilization goes, the more it damages your credit score.

Spending more than 30% of your credit card balance isn’t a good move, even if you plan to clear the balance once you get your billing statement.

When your statement closes, card issuers typically report your balance, and that number will be reported and recorded in your credit report.

So it’s wise to keep your utilization under 30% before closing the month.

Manage your debt

Let’s face it. Nothing sucks your energy more than being told you have a ton of pending debts.

Loan balances and too many lines of credit can eat out a couple of your credit score points.

The lower you maintain your debt balances, the easier it will be to keep a good credit score.

Admittedly, having a considerable success rate in your loan application is a good sign, but over-utilizing this provision is an unhealthy trend.

Each loan application translates to an inquiry that tanks your credit score.

At the same time, having several loans could cripple your ability to repay them, so make sure you only apply when necessary.

Watch your credit report

Monitor the progress of your credit report as frequently as you can.

Having everything right with your credit doesn’t mean you’re foolproof of errors and identity theft.

That said, pulling your credit report from the three bureaus will help you detect mistakes easily and correct them early enough.

Conclusion – Ovation Credit Review

Repairing your credit isn’t something that happens overnight, but the results are certainly worth the effort.

If you’ve made mistakes previously, it can be an excellent chance to clean them up and take charge of your financial life.

Besides building your negotiation power and having more favorable loan terms in the long run, having a good report will equip you with knowledge of how the scoring system works.

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