Lowe’s Credit Cards Review

There are general credit cards in the market, and besides general credit cards, there are some shop credit cards. You can use general credit cards for any purpose and at any retail. Store credit cards, on the other hand, work differently. You can only use a store credit card for that specific store. A significant benefit of getting a store credit card is that you can get amazing discounts from that store.

Many stores offer credit cards. Just like all other stores, Lowes offers a branded credit card. Lowes credit card is suitable just for its store. You can take the benefits and perks of this card. You can have unique benefits for the great use of Lowes credit card. First, you can save your money. For your first purchase, you can get unlimited discounts.

The standard annual percentage is high for Lowes credit cards. It happens with other store cards too. There are numerous financing offers on Lowes credit cards. You can save yourself from interest if you pay the due amount during a promotional period. You will have to face many bills if you do not pay on time.

It would help to keep certain things in mind while getting a Lowes credit card. Here in this article, we will provide a detailed guide to Lowes credit card. In addition, you will learn about the various perks and usage of Lowes credit cards.

How Do the Lowes Cards Work?

Lowes offers financing options to its customers. For example, if a customer wants to complete or renovate a house, then Lowes provides a credit card. In addition, Lowes promises its customer give them daily advantages. For example, a customer can get a 5% discount on certain purchases. Furthermore, there are amazing deals from which you can get benefits. For instance, On the other hand, a customer can get a financing option for six months on purchasing 299 dollars.

This credit card has the same way as credit cards of other companies. It means just like the cards of other companies; you can use it to the ultimate limit. If you are a cardholder of Lowes, you can avoid the interest charges by paying the regular monthly payment.

Eligibility of the Lowes Card

You are eligible to apply for a Lowes credit card if you are 18 or more than 18 years old. Some clients can get sudden approval. In some cases, you will have to wait 7 or 10 days.

Lowes Card and Online Management

You can easily manage your Lowes account online. You can signup and login to manage your Lowes account online. You can pay the bills online. You can also monitor the activities of your account. You can also easily enroll in e-billing with Lowes credit cards. In addition, you can avail of special offers and promotions online by signing up for a Lowes account.

Additional Options for the Credit Card

If you are a user of Lowes credit cards, there are some additional options for Lowes credit cards. First, there is an option for Lowes business account. The accounts of Lowes are receivable. There are certain rewards for Lowes credit cards that you can easily avail yourself of as a cardholder of Lowes. For getting these benefits, there are two ways to get a card from Lowes. First, you can get it from the store of Lowes. You can get this card online by visiting the official website of Lowes.

Financing Programs

Besides the discounts on regular purchases, there is a unique financing program at Lowes. You can avail of these financing programs only if you purchase for 299 dollars or more than 299 dollars. There are certain time limits for every financing program. The major time limits of financing programs are six months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. For every financing program, you will have to pay in due time. If you fail to deliver on time, you will have to pay the interest. It will be a drawback for you.

Fixed Pay Financing

Besides other financing schemes, there is a fixed pay financing. If you purchase something for 2000 dollars or more, you can divide that amount into 84 small payments. This offer would be a helpful task for you. You can purchase a thing when you need it and do not need to worry about the cost. You have an option to pay it in small parts. It will decrease your burdens.

Credit Reporting of Lowes Cards

The Lowes credit card has a partnership with Synchrony bank. Synchrony reports have three credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This bank deals with the matters of Lowes credit cards. When you sign up for Lowes credit card, you will see the SYNCB acronym. It indicates that Synchrony deals with the issues of Lowes credit cards. It will also check whether you are eligible to get the Lowes credit card.

Customer Service of Lowes Credit Card

There is customer service by Lowes credit card. Lowes credit card provides online services and also, and they offer customer services at their stores. So if you have any questions or want to be clear about some offers, you can contact them online or as convenient.

This card is the best option for someone who is a regular customer of Lowes. It will help you in gaining many discounts and offers. It will also help you in achieving interest-free financial projects. Lowes credit card is the best option if you want these things.

  • Suppose you are planning to get so many things from Lowes. If you are completing or renovating your house and are considering getting so many things from Lowes, this Lowes card is the best option. It will provide you with various benefits.
  • Suppose you need to buy an expensive thing. This card will help you get a small amount of money.
  • If you are a shopaholic and frequently shop from Lowes, it is the best option to gain this card and get amazing discounts.

Finance Jar Verdict For the Card

If you are a frequent customer of Lowes credit card, this card is the best option. On the other hand, this card is not valid if you buy things from different shops because it will just work for Lowes shops or the Lowes website. In that case, it will be a loss for you. You will need a different credit card in that case.

If you are not sure you can pay the money on time, this is not a good option. It will increase your interest, which would be a dangerous choice for you in the long term. Always consult your need, purpose, and finances before getting a Lowes credit card. Sometimes, a card like that will be a good option for you. In another case, it will be a dangerous thing for you.

Why Buy Lowes Store Credit Card?

Lowes credit cards can provide you with various benefits. It can help you in many ways. Here we will tell you multiple reasons for buying a Lowes credit card.

Get a 5% Discount at Check-out

Every store offers a discount. However, there is a drawback with the values of other cards. The credit cards of other stores provide you rewards and discount coupons after you spend your money. Therefore, you will have to wait for discount coupons from different stores.

Lowes credit card gives you a 5% discount right after the registration. It means you can have a discount without spending money. However, certain brands like Heartland, ICON, SMEG, MARVEL, and Monogram are not part of this discount. So on these brands, you cannot avail this discount.

Financing Offers

There are many financing offers that you can get by getting the Lowes credit card. For example, suppose you pay the entire balance during the promotional period. In that case, Lowes credit card provides you with a 0% APR on all appliances, heating systems, ventilation, and air-conditioners for twelve months.

Special Project Financing

When you purchase for 2000 dollars or more, you can choose this special project offer. This offer will reduce your APR. In addition, this offer will give you a unique benefit. To avail of this offer, you need to request this offer when you purchase.

You can Get Special Savings on your First Purchase.

Lowes credit card provides special savings to its customers. When you purchase from Lowes credit card for the first time, you will save 30 dollars as a discount. You can save more than 100 dollars if you buy 600 dollars.

Best Features of Lowes Credit Cards

There are so many best features of Lowes credit cards. If you get this card, you can benefit from these features of Lowes credit cards.

Welcome Offer

The best feature of Lowes credit card is its welcome offer. Lowes will give you a 20% discount as your welcome offer if you purchase for the first time. This opportunity is an excellent option for you.

The Benefits of Cards

Besides this, there are some benefits of having a Lowes credit card. Fantastic deals are waiting for you. With every purchase, you can have a discount of 5%. In addition, there is a 0% APR for six months on the purchase of 299 dollars. But if you do not pay on time, you will have to pay 26.99 % interest. To get this offer, you must make sure you can spend on time. If you cannot pay on time, this offer is not valid.

No Annual Fee

The most crucial feature of Lowe’s credit card is that you do not have to pay an annual fee for gaining the credit card of Lowes.

For Whom the Lowes Credit Card is Best?

There are many benefits and some drawbacks of Lowes credit card. This credit card is best for DIYers who can regularly take advantage of a 5% discount. It is suitable for those who are sure that they will pay off on time. Finally, this card is best for those who can ensure their monthly payment is in full.

You should have this credit card if you want to make improvement projects for your home. There is no annual fee on Lowes credit card, so it will be a good option for you if you want to make many improvements to your house. In addition, you can get many things at a discount.

Lowes Credit Card for a New User

If you are a new cardholder of Lowes credit card, then you will receive a coupon for 20% off on your first purchase. This special offer from Lowes works just like other credit cards. This offer is an excellent start for a new customer. So you can avail a fantastic opportunity as a new cardholder.

How to Apply for the Lowes Credit Card?

You can apply for the Lowes credit card online easily. But, first, you need to visit the website lowes.com. Here are some steps you need to follow to apply for a Lowes credit card.

  • Visit the website lowes.com.
  • Click on apply now, an option on the website.
  • Provide the personal details
  • You must provide your name, address, and social security number.

You can also apply for a Lowes credit card in-store. You can visit the store and ask the customer service. You can tell them any problem you are facing regarding the account. You can also seek new information. They will guide you through the whole procedure. If you apply for a Lowes card from the store, Lowes will provide you with some sign-up offers.

How to Use Lowes Credit Card

Suppose you want to apply for a Lowes credit card. You should start it when you have so many things to purchase. When your sign-up approves your first purchase, you will get a 20% off. After that, you can use Lowes’s credit card anytime. With every purchase, you will receive a 5% discount.

If you use Lowes credit card, you must pay before the offer ends if you have a special financing offer. This security will help you in less interest offer.

Advantages of Lowes Credit Card

Lowes credit card provides various benefits to customers. Here are some significant advantages which Lowes credit card offers to its customer.

Excellent Rewards on Daily Basis

By getting the Lowes credit card, you can earn rewards regularly. A 5% discount is ready for customers on every eligible purchase. Most stores offer 2% discounts. So, the 5% discounts are the primary benefit of Lowes credit card. Lowes will not return this 5%. Instead, Lowes will give you a discount. This discount means you can get the item for less than the original price.

For Big Purchases, Will They Give you Six Months to Pay?

Suppose a customer purchases more than 299 dollars. Lowes gives an option to customers that can either have a discount of 5% or take exciting financing. The APR of Lowes’s credit card is 26.99%. If you have a 0% interest, this exciting policy will begin after the no-interest period ends. This offer is valuable. However, you need to pay on time for 0% interest.

No Annual Fee

Another essential benefit of Lowes credit card is that it works without any annual fee. Most store cards do not take money as an annual fee from a customer, and Lowes’s credit card also follows this policy. Therefore, you can easily avail of the card without paying annually.

Project Financing with Lower APR

If you are a customer of Lowes credit card, then you can request project financing. The project financing is valid if you purchase for 2000 dollars or more than 2000 dollars.

Disadvantages of Lowes Credit Cards

Along with the benefits, there are some disadvantages of Lowes credit cards. Of course, there are always some disadvantages to every store credit card. Lowes is no exception to it. These are some disadvantages of Lowes credit cards.

  • The introductory offer of Lowes credit is not satisfactory compared to cash back credit cards.
  • The Lowes credit card is only valid for the stores of Lowes or online. It is a store credit card. Unlike other credit cards, You cannot use them at every retail.
  • In some cases, the interest rate of Lowes credit cards can be above average. For example, if you do not pay on time, the interest rate of Lowes credit card is 26.99%. Therefore, it is usually above the rate of average APR.
  • By considering these facts of interest, Lowes credit card can be expensive for you.

Is Getting a Lowes Credit Card Worth it?

Lowes credit card is a sound store card. It is worth it for you if you want to have discounts of 5%. If you are sure that you can pay during the promotional period, then Lowes credit cards’ financing terms are best for you. Finally, it is worth it to renovate your house with less interest.

Although Lowes credit card is not worth it if you are sure you cannot pay during the promotional period, if you want one credit card, the Lowes credit card is not worth it. You will not be able to use it everywhere. It has just the usage policy for the stores of Lowes or the website of Lowes. You cannot use it on other retailers. If you consider these reasons, then this credit card from Lowes is not worth it for you. In that case, you should view an alternate.

How Much Credit is Important for Lowes Credit Card?

There is no specific limit to a minimum credit. Although you need to make sure you have a good credit score before applying for Lowes’s credit card. You can apply for Lowes’s credit card if you have more than 670 credit scores.

Where Can you Use Lowes Credit Card?

Lowes credit card is a shop credit card. It means you can easily use Lowes’s credit card at the stores of Lowes. You can also purchase stuff on the website of company. You cannot use this credit card at another retailer. You can buy the things you want in Lowes’s stores or on Lowes’s website.

In short, Lowes locations and lowes.com are the places where you can use the Lowes credit cards.

Lowes Credit Cards and Other Credit Cards

There are some other credit cards in the market. However, these credit cards do not provide the same benefit as Lowes credit card offers. For example, there is a credit card, The Home Depot, which has a credit card and provides quite similar functions as Lowes credit card.

Lowes Credit Card and The Home Depot Card

The Home Depot card is a store credit card like Lowes. Like Lowes, you can only use The Home Depot card in stores of The Home Depot. There are not so many ongoing discounts and offers for the Home Depot credit cards. Like Lowes credit cards, there is no annual fee for The Home Depot credit cards.

The Home Depot credit card also offers a financing plan of six months like Lowes credit card. It also charges interest if you do not pay on time, just like Lowes credit card. Overall, by considering all these facts and comparing Lowes credit card and The Home Depot. A 5% discount on Lowes credit card offers the best choice for the customer.

Lowes Credit Card and Walmart Card

Walmart is a different store. It is not a store for improvement of the house. However, it has lighting fixtures, tools, and paints. There are many foods related items as well. There is no annual fee for Walmart cards, just like Lowes credit cards. Lowes credit card provides 5% discounts. On the other hand, the Walmart card offers 5% cash back. This unique reward program is valid for the first 12 months.

After 12 months, you can avail of the 5% cash back from the website of Walmart. Besides the rewards, there is no annual fee for a Walmart card.

Terms and Conditions of Lowes Credit Card

Just like all credit cards have some terms and conditions. The same thing happens with Lowes’s credit card. The terms and conditions you need to follow are APR, late payment fee, penalties, and other helpful information.

  • The APR ratio is 26.99%
  • The late payment fee for people who cannot pay on time is 40 dollars.
  • Customers who fail to pay on time will also have to pay the interest.


How to get a Lowes Credit Card?

If you want to apply for Lowes Credit Card, you can go to any store in Lowes. They will guide you about the Lowes credit card application and approval process. You can also apply online; you need to visit the website Lowes.com.

Can I use Lowes Credit Cards in other stores?

Lowes credit card is a store card. Just like other store cards. You cannot use it for different stores. You can only purchase stuff from Lowes’s stores or Lowes’s website.

Can I get a discount on Lowes’s Credit Card?

Every time you make an eligible purchase with Lowes credit card, you will get a discount of 5%. Along with this discount, you can avail of special financing offers.

Is there any annual fee for Lowes’s Credit Card?

Lowes credit card has the benefit of not having an annual fee. So you can have this credit card from Lowes without paying a fee annually.

What is the credit score requirement for a Lowes Credit Card?

It is easy to qualify for a Lowes credit card. However, it is easy to qualify for this credit card. The requirement for a credit score is 670. So, if you have this money, you can easily be eligible for this card.


If you are a regular customer and purchase stuff regularly from Lowes, you can consider the option of a Lowes credit card. You will not have to pay the standard fee. This credit card has a low APR. You can have a discount of 5%. There are many financing offers which will help you.

For the regular purchase, there is a discount of 5%. For the purchase of 299 dollars, you can have a six months special financing offer. This Lowes credit card provides many benefits. Just like other credit cards, you can only use these Lowes credit cards online on Lowes’s website.

If you are a loyal customer of Lowes and regularly purchase from Lowes, this Lowes credit card is the best option. You can avail various discounts and offers. For example, this card can be your good friend if you plan to renovate your house.

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