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Lloyds Bank was established in 1765 as a small public & retail company. With years of struggle and hard work, the bank has gained an excellent reputation with its exceptional services, products, and customer support. It was formed by John Taylor and Sampson Lloyd, who named the bank after him.

With over £436 billion in total assets, Lloyds bank is one of the largest banks in the UK. It is considered one of Britain’s leading limited public banks, with several branches and cash points. The bank’s headquarters is at 25 Gresham Street, London, United Kingdom. The offices in other parts of the UK include Wales, Halifax, Leeds, Scotland, and Sheffield.

Lloyds Bank provides great support and guidance to small businesses, communities, housing projects, and households. It has highly professional experts who help customers with their financial problems and provide comfort and peace of mind.

This article concerns Lloyds bank’s branches, locations, ATM service, financial services & products, customer support, and operational hours.

Lloyds Near Me Locations

Lloyds Bank offers more than 1,000 bank branches all around Wales and England. The bank counts as one of the leading banks in the United Kingdom. The easiest way to find the Lloyds Bank location nearest you is to use Google Maps or a bank branch locator. With Google Maps, all the locations of Lloyds bank will appear to you.

Follow the steps given below to find Lloyds Bank’s location via Google Maps:

  • On your iPhone or Android and Windows PC or Mac, navigate Google Maps or Maps.
  • Type “Lloyds Bank Near Me” in the search bar at the top.
  • Google will show you all the bank locations with red highlighted flags or points.
  • If you find more than one bank branch nearest your home or living place, click on each and get detailed information. You can find hours of operation, open now, opening and closing times, customer reviews, and banking services about the bank.

Lloyds Near Me Branches

Finding the nearest Lloyds Bank branch is a quick and easy process. With the help of technology, nothing is difficult today. The official website of Lloyds Bank near me has a bank branch locator feature. It enables users to find their Lloyds nearby bank branch within minutes. Follow the given steps to find the nearest Lloyds Bank branch:

  • Visit Lloyds Bank’s website on any computer and iOS or Android device.
  • The website’s main interface holds three lines at the top right corner. Click on it.
  • Here click on the “Branch Finder” option.
  • The bank branch locator is now open. Type your address, City name, or Postcode in the search bar.
  • All the bank branches nearest to your location will appear on the screen. Get details about the branch according to your requirements, such as timing, location, distance, products and services, and customer reviews.
  • Besides bank branches, you can type additional information like proximity to get the desired and most accurate results.
  • Bank has provided other ways that you can use to contact the bank. They are banking hubs, mobile branches, and post offices.

Lloyds Bank is also running a mobile branch for the ease of its customer. You can easily find a mobile branch of Lloyds bank through Google Maps or the branch locator feature. With a mobile branch, you can make account inquiries, cash withdrawals, cash or cheque deposits, bill payments, and money transfers outside the country.

The mobile branch bank account will perform efficient tasks, including managing SMS alerts, request copy statements, internal transfers, direct debits and standing orders, and fast payments. Some additional account services include the reactivation of ISAs, balance transfers, credit card activation, and ordering foreign currency.

Lloyds ATM Near Me

Lloyds Bank offers its ATM service at all cash machines and bank counters around the country. You can use your debit card at multiple cash points with the symbol “Visa” on them. The cash limit of Lloyds Bank from a debit card is more than £500 per day.

Finding a Lloyds ATM near me is not a difficult task. You can use the Google Maps service or the bank branch locator feature to search for the nearby Lloyds bank ATM service. You can perform the following task at a Lloyds bank ATM location:

  • Transfer money: With easy processing, you can transfer money between two or more bank accounts.
  • Access your bank accounts: You can easily access and manage your bank accounts.
  • Applying for an overdraft payment: If you can’t visit a bank branch, applying for an overdraft is extremely easy with Lloyds bank’s ATM.
  • Bill payments: You can pay your bills at any cash point or counter with a Visa symbol.
  • Applying or paying a loan payment: Paying your loans or learning how they work is now easy with Lloyds bank ATM service.
  • Managing or tracking credit card: Keep an eye on your credit card’s activities through Lloyds ATM near me.

About Lloyds

Lloyds Bank is a public limited company and banking service that John Taylor and Sampson Lloyd started. It was founded in 1765 in Birmingham with a few assets and products, and services. The flourishing time of the bank was the nineteenth and twentieth centuries which took the bank to great heights.

With more than £436 billion in total assets, the bank is one of the United Kingdom’s largest banks. It is one of the leading retail banks in Britain, with many branches and ATMs. The bank’s headquarters is at 25 Gresham Street, London, United Kingdom. The offices in other parts of the country are in Wales, Halifax, Leeds, Scotland, and Sheffield.

The registration number of Lloyds Bank is 119278, given by Prudential Regulation Authority. The bank provides 24 hours online, mobile, and banking services. With many personal customers, small business accounts, and great customer service, the bank is considered one of the best banks in England.

The bank’s customer service and operational hours are in the following section.

Hours of Operation

Lloyds Bank offers weekly banking services for about eight hours a day. If you want to contact the bank with its telephone service, you can do that on weekdays only, except Saturday and Sunday. Some bank branches remain open only once a week. On the other hand, some are open on Saturdays as well.

Moreover, bank branches in Wales and England have no lunch break, while some Northern Ireland and Scotland units have a one-hour lunch break. It’s better to get information about the bank timings and break schedule before visiting a bank location or branch to avoid any difficulty or inconvenience.

The standard weekly timings for the bank are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am to 4 pm

Unlike other banks, Lloyds bank does not close its banking service on all federal holidays. Although the public holidays throughout the year are as follows:

  • New Year Day
  • Good Friday
  • May Day
  • Spring Bank Holiday
  • Summer Bank Holiday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

Customer Service

Lloyds Near Me offers customers multiple options to contact the bank and get help with their queries. On the Lloyds bank official website, you can get information about how to open a new account or service, reporting about lost and stolen debit cards and declined cards or unrecognized transactions. Also, you can secure your personal information by contacting the bank through Email.

The bank’s customer service numbers are different for UK and outside UK customers.

  • For the United Kingdom: 03457 449900
  • For outside the United Kingdom: +44 (0) 1539 736626

If you want to get help from the Internet banking helpdesk of Lloyds bank, you can contact the following numbers.

  • For the United Kingdom: 0345 603 0955
  • For outside the United Kingdom: +44 (0) 1539 741 478

One of the best things about Lloyds Bank is that it offers almost all kinds of support to its customers for various needs. Users can visit the website and navigate the help & support section. Then click on your related problem to get the bank’s support in the respective category. Moreover, you can get help for each category through the call service and appointment at the bank branch.

Lloyds bank offers help to the customer in managing their financial problems. You can click “Money Worries” to get financial help with bank loans, credit cards, or overdraft payments. Also, you can get help with your mortgage payments. Other support categories include dealing with major life events such as cancer support, Bereavement support, redundancy, separation & divorce.

What Does Lloyds Near Me Offer

Lloyds bank is one of the largest retail and public banks in the United Kingdom. With various financial products and services, people initially prefer Lloyds bank over other banks. The bank has over 1,000 branches and many ATMs around the UK, especially in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The details about Lloyds bank financial products and services are:


Lloyds bank offers its banking through multiple current accounts. You can get details about each account at the bank’s website. You can choose which suits you by comparing and contrasting the different accounts. Also, the bank offers an “Eligibility Check” to its customers on its official website.

The accounts offered by Lloyds Bank are:

  • Club Lloyds: Users can get credit interest for their transfers between accounts with this account. Also, many annual lifestyle benefits are offered by the Club Lloyds account.
  • Club Lloyds Platinum Account: You can get multiple insurances, such as travel and mobile phone insurance.
  • Classic Account: With a Classic Lloyds account, you will have an easy and feasible banking experience. The account is best for everyday banking. You can use your debit card for online and offline payments over your phone with the Classic Lloyds account.
  • Platinum Account: One of the best current accounts for Platinum and Club Lloyds account holders. Users can switch their payments, bill payments, and other bank-related services with their Platinum Lloyds account.
  • Under-19s Account: Lloyds bank offers under-19s accounts for children with several benefits and perks. It helps children to build good banking skills and spending habits.
  • Smart Start: Smart Start is a kid saving and a bank account that offers children multiple benefits. They learn how banking works and how to manage their needs and spending.
  • Student Account: Lloyds bank, with its best student account, offers students the opportunity to save money and avoid high overdraft fees. The account offers an interest-free overdraft of more than £1,500 for several years.
  • Basic Account: This account is best for everyday banking. UK residents can benefit from this current account with their Visa debit card.

Credit Cards

Lloyds Bank offers customers the “Check your eligibility” option to ensure which card best suits them. The credit cards provided by Lloyds bank are for different categories and purposes.


With Lloyds Bank, you can get a Personal loan that offers multiple benefits and additional perks. You need to maintain an APR of 6.4% for a personal loan of £7,500 to £25,000 for more than one to five years. The benefits of getting a personal loan with Lloyds bank are:

  • Get help with expenses
  • Flexible payments
  • Get your money quickly

Other Products and Services

With primary and minor products and services of Lloyds bank, you can get numerous benefits for the following personal banking options:

  • Investment plans
  • Home Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Life Insurance
  • ISAs
  • Car Insurance & Finance


With over 1,000 branches and several cash points, Lloyds bank is one of the best public and retail banks in the United Kingdom. It is also known as one of the four “Clear Banks” in Britain. The bank was formed in 1765 as a small retailing store. With time, it has made astonishing progress in all sectors, including personal banking, customer service, and customer support.

Finding a “Lloyds Bank Near Me” branch, location, or cash point is easy. With the help of Google Maps or the bank branch locator feature, you can easily find any bank-related product and service. The bank’s official website details all significant and minor bank services, such as mobile branches, online banking, and personal banking.

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