Fit Credit Card Review

Are you considering applying for a Fit credit card and want to learn if this is the right fit for you? Then you are at the right place as here we are going to review the most important things that you need to know about the Fit MasterCard, its initial credit limit, in comparison with other credit cards and customer reviews to help you decide which card will be the best for your personal use, and finally the frequently asked question by people who want to apply for this credit card. So let’s get started!

What is Fit credit card?

Fit MasterCard credit card is an unsecured credit card issued by the bank of Missouri through continental finance company that is a leading marketer and servicer of credit cards in America. This credit card will help you if you have a bad credit score or have less than 3 years of credit history and want to build a fair or best credit score. This will examine where you spent your money and report it to credit bureaus on monthly basis. Even if you don’t have credit good credit or the best credit score, there’s a high probability that you can get this credit card as they don’t check the score. In addition to that, you don’t have to give a security deposit like secured cards but is this all that you need to know?

While we are focusing on building the credit history, at the same time it’s important that you beforehand check the reviews for this card and see if this will match your budget, because naturally, financial crunch is one of the main reasons why one has a bad credit history, and if something adds on to that financial crunch then the credit card will be of no use.  Let’s get this Fit card reviewed!

  • It is one of the most expensive cards that come with very hefty fees including:
    • One-time fee of 89 $ that is an activation fee
    • Yearly fee of 99 $
    • Monthly fee of 6.25 $
    • Foreign transaction fee of 3%
    • Phone fees of 10.95 $
    • Cash advance fee 5% or 5 $ which is greater
    • Late or returned payment fee up to 40 $
  • There is no grace period in cash advance, which means cash advance starts accumulating immediately. In simple words, unlike other cards which start accumulating interest for using this credit card after a certain period of time, mostly after 1 month. On this credit card, the interest rate will be charged from the day you used it, which defeats the sole purpose of having a credit card.
  • After spending tons of fees on this credit card, there is no feature of earning cashback, rewards, or any kind of offers for that matter.
  • Fit MasterCard has a high APR(Annual percentage rate) of 29.99% as compared to other credit cards. APR is defined as the yearly rate charged on the loan amount borrowed by the credit card user.
  • This card comes with a feature of MasterCard zero Fraud liability protection that is subject to MasterCard terms and conditions, which means if someone has made an unauthorized transaction from your card, then you’ll not be answerable or will not be required to pay for that but as they are subject to terms, there’s a bit of concern that can occur for the credit user, so we will suggest you go through the MasterCard terms before applying for this credit card.
  • This card has its own mobile application and also has the option to you can sign up for e-statements and can get an absolutely free vantage score of 3.0 from Experian, which is a rare add-on benefit that comes in unsecured cards.
  • You can apply for this MasterCard credit online through the official website youfitcard by filling the information form or by calling on the number 1-866-513-4598. Your application will be reviewed and the approval for the same can be done as fast as within a day or a maximum of 30 days. After approval, your MasterCard and welcome kit will be mailed to you within 3 business days. if you want to learn more about the application process on the website
  • You just need to fulfill two requirements, the first one is you need to be U.S Citizen and you should be above 18 years of age. That’s it.

Find out the initial credit limit of fit MasterCard credit cards

This card comes with an initial credit value of 400 $ which can be increased to 800$ after 6 months after continental finance review your account which is dependent on underwriting criteria and income at the time of review. The maximum value can go up to 2000 $. Please note that the credit card fees mentioned above will be deducted from these amounts and make it low credit available for your use. This is another reason why it doesn’t fits the customer’s pocket and is not one of the best fit for people with a bad credit score.

Let’s compare other credit cards(Including user reviews)

Now! as we have now looked into the specifications and initial credit limit of fit cards, let’s learn what other unsecured credit cards(as per credit card reviews by the users) have to offer:

  • Tomo credit card
    • It is an unsecured credit card issued by Community federal savings bank. This card gives you the opportunity to get 1% cashback despite the fact that you don’t have a credit history. Instead, this card determines your eligibility for this credit card through your financial history and other banking parameters. The card limit range from 100 $ to 10,000 $.
    • This credit doesn’t charge any interest rate or annual percentage rate as you don’t have the option to carry a balance on this card. The amount used is to be paid on weekly basis. This card has no annual fee and also, you are not required to pay any security deposit. If you are non-U.S. Citizen, you still can apply for this credit card. You are required to be pre-approved before you get the application for applying for this credit card along with that you need to agree to connect for the weekly auto-pay of your bill through your bank via Plaid. For those who can show that they can afford to pay their bills on a weekly basis, it can be a viable option. 
    • The card comes with three more benefits including zero liability protection which means you will not stand not responsible for any unauthorized purchases made through your card. The second benefit is of Master ID theft protection through you will be notified if there’s any suspicious activity detected in your account and thirdly, you are given MasterCard global service which allows you to get an emergency replacement of your credit card and also can get assistance in any language. Given the security and offers that this credit card comes with. It can be one of the best choices for personal use.
  • Petal 2 Visa Credit card
    • This unsecured fee-free credit card is issued by web banks, member FDIC. This card has no annual fee card also, it doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fee, over-limit fee, late payment fee, don’t charge an annual fee. Also, no security deposit and credit history are required. Please note that currently there’s no option of balance transfers and cash advances on this card. The card comes with a credit limit of 500 $ to 10,000 $.
    • You are also eligible for a 1% cashback reward and if you have made 12 on-time payments. This credit card provides a 1.5% cashback. Unlike the other credit cards we discussed, here this card charges an annual percentage rate(APR) of 12.99%- 26.99%. Due to their low fees and credit limit, this can card also be a good option. Please note the average APR as per the federal reserve board is 15% for all ranges of cards. The issuers of this credit card have a very unique application process that analyzes the user application and generates a cash score just like a credit score through its algorithm.
  • Credit one bank platinum visa card: It is an unsecured visa card that comes with an annual fee of 75 $ in the first year and 99 $ in the following years. The card has an APR of 23.99% which is higher than the average APR. You will get 1% cashback with every purchase through this card. One reason why this credit card is prominent is due to its credit protection program. It is a debt cancellation program, that covers up to 6 benefit payments for the primary cardholder in the event of involuntarily unemployment & disability and cancels the full balance in the event of death, however, they are subject to a few terms and conditions. It works like an insurance policy in which 96 cents are charged per 100 dollars regardless of whether you use this program or not. You can get more information about this program through this link
  • Capital One Platinum MasterCard: Capital One cards are issued in both kinds including platinum and cards. It can be reliable both with fair and limited credit history. The initial limit for this card will be dependent on your past credit history. This card charges zero annual fees and foreign transaction fees.  The users who are eligible for this card are considered for a higher credit limit within a short span of 6 months. This card has a feature of zero fraud liability. This card comes with a few drawbacks like:
    • It doesn’t offer any rewards and perks
    • It has a high APR of 26.99 %
    • It charges a 3% cash advances, the minimum fees for the same is 5 $ to 10 $
    • There’s a late payment fees of 40 $
    • People with no too bad credit history will not be able to qualify for this card as you need a minimum FICO credit score of at least 580

The capital one website gives you the opportunity to check if you are pre-approved with no risk to your credit score and as per that the list of cards will be shown to you and you can select the best one that suits you.

If you want to know more about which credit card you should buy and want to know about a few credit cards that are not mentioned in the article then you go-to credit card insider website, which helps you develop a clear understanding of credit cards and also give you the option to compare credit cards.

Our 100% honest review on credit card

The Fit MasterCard profile is one of the options that provide an opportunity for the one having a bad credit score in building a promising credit history, but it comes with a lot of negative aspects, that discourage people to apply for it. One is that of a high APR of this card which is much higher than the average APR, you can see there are few other unsecured that come with zero to very less APR that ranges from 12.99%-26.99% as compared to this MasterCard which has an APR of 29.99%. Further, you can apply online for Fit MasterCard online but that’s not any special feature as you can apply for other online as well.

FIT MasterCard incurs a lot of fees, which can do harm better than good and can add more credit bad credit. The basic purpose for applying for this card gets frustrated as people with less credit limit will be barely benefited from it.

Whether this Fit credit card will be worth buying?

After evaluating reviews of other credit cards along with Fit credit cards, we can say that it is not worth buying this Fit MasterCard as there are other unsecured(discussed above) and secured credit cards that charge considerably less fees and have a less APR, and pocket-friendly for the user. The high fee in Fit cards can trap the user in a vicious cycle of debt that can affect the credit score of the user negatively.

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a FIT Card?

Go to the official website of FIT Card. Fill and submit the preliminary information form to get started. If everything is fine with the information form then you expect a reply from them within minutes otherwise it might take a maximum of 30 days.

Do I need a credit score to apply?

No. People with bad and no credit history can also apply for it.

Is Fit MasterCard legit?

Yes. It is a legit MasterCard issued through a continental finance bank.

What should I do if I lost my card?

If you lost your MasterCard the call on this number (800) 556-5678, they help you block your card and provide you with a new card.

Does this MasterCard do a hard pull?

Yes! This card does a hard pull. A hard pull is defined as the inquiry conducted and information derived about your credit history and worthiness, while this inquiry is done, your few credit points get decreased, which affects the overall score.

Who can benefit from a Fit credit card?

This credit card can be beneficial to people who just want to use it for developing a credit fair credit. So, if you make timely payments and set up a good credit history, then you can enter into this world of credit.


This card can be a right fit for people who want to establish a credit excellent credit history, and looking to form a route to other best and affordable alternatives, but here’s a catch: you need to use this card very smartly as one delayed payment can cost heavy on your pocket. Also, make sure you have this card for at least 1 year. As per the terms of this card, your account gets reviewed by the issuer, and as per that, your limit is increased which will help you develop a strong credit history.

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