Credit Saint Review

Is Credit Saint one of the top credit repair companies in 2024?

Based in Saddle Brook, this credit repair company was established in 2004 and works to help clients improve their credit scores by deleting detrimental items from their report.

With a track record of over 15 years, Credit Saint has worked tirelessly to provide credit repair services for credit consumers.

One of the major problems faced by households in the US is the negative entries in credit reports coupled with fluctuating economic climates and government policy.

Whereas an excellent credit report would undoubtedly work in your favor, a negative entry is almost a condemnation into a hole out of which you seldom can come.

Credit Saint provides credit repair services to credit consumers; it has taken its operations a notch higher and works like a credit restoration service.

Beyond the apparent services they offer in terms of deleting negative entries, Credit Saint provides extra help to help you improve your credit that would undoubtedly work to your leverage.

Since negative entries jeopardize your ability to get good quality loans, the ability to remove the entries allows you to start a new venture and increase your odds of getting good quality loans and favorable interest rates.

Here’s what you need to know.

Where should I start?

You’ve probably reached the point you check the web and look for some home-made solutions to fix your credit.

However, using the DIY approach would be time-consuming and cost you lots of bucks. Besides, even after all that work, there is a considerable chance you’ll mess up with something along the way.

Additionally, what you’ll probably not be told is your threshold for legal expertise- which can go an incredibly long way and take a significant amount of time.

If you’re working on a mammoth of projects, the ups and downs certainly don’t sound like a good thing to get yourself through.

As a work-about for this situation, some people would resolve to use credit repair companies with little reputation. The end game would have the same consequences as the former – expensive fees, wasted time, and minimal results.

However, the great news is that you can use a credit repair company – Credit Saint – that has a mammoth of testimonials and a significant success rate.

Credit Saint overview 

As one of the highly-ranked credit repair companies, Credit Saint is one of the few institutions with an excellent review based on The Better Business Bureau (BBB).

At a glance, Credit Saint has the following stats:

  • Packages costing $79.99 to $119.99 per month
  • A start-up fee of $99 to $145
  • Eligibility for a credit report every 45 days
  • Money-back guarantee of 90 days

Below is a close look at what you’ll expect from the three packages:

Polish: $59.99 monthly

This package is the cheapest of the three packages.

The first-work fee is $99, a one-time payment charged six days after signing up for the company.

Essentially this fee covers clearing up minor issues with your credit report and excludes dispute avalanche process, bankruptcies, judgments, and repossessions.

Remodel: $79.99 monthly

This package would cost you an additional first work fee of $130, which you pay once.

Unlike the polish package, this category offers a more “aggressive” approach to credit repair and ideal if you have repossessions and bankruptcies.

Primarily, it is perfect for someone with a considerable number of negative entries to be removed.

Clean slate: $99 monthly

The Clean slate is the most effective package that covers all detrimental entries in your report, including raising issues with the credit bureaus.

As the top package, it’s ideal for someone with an incredibly bad credit report that needs an entire overhaul.

Pros Of Credit Saint

High ranking

As a credit repair company that has serviced hundreds of consumer issues, Credit Saint is rated A+ by the BBB.

This ranking translates to transparency in terms of pricing and service delivery, disclaimers, and credit laws.

Compared to other credit repair companies, this institution openly provides information about service repair and different package options.

Fair pricing and service

The company’s pricing guide is incredibly straightforward and easy to comprehend.

As a firm that understands the needs of different people, it provides three packages – fully-tailored to meet the needs of every category.

Excellent service – Credit Saint Review

Credit Saint offers top-rated services to their clients.

The company has a well-defined case procedure where paralegals and advisors help you through email and live chat.

Besides, the company would give you a call every month to update you on the progress of your repair.

90-day money-back guarantee

You’ll have the opportunity to receive a full refund if the company fails to remove the negative entries from your report 90 days from the onset.

If you’re unsatisfied with the process, you can cancel the process any time and only incur the cost of the days when you used the company’s services.

Straightforward credit repair service

Credit Saint has a simple procedure for repairing your credit report.

The process starts with signing up for a free credit consultation, which entails an in-depth analysis of your credit history, report, and credit score. After that, you start working with the credit bureaus to challenge the detrimental items on your report.

Next, Credit Saint will keep updating you of their progress after receiving a progress report from the credit data centers.

Overall, the company has a personalized advisory team that would frequently call you to ensure everything is right on track.

Cons – Credit Saint Review

High set-up fees

While the company offers competitive monthly payments, the set-up charges are incredibly high compared to several other credit repair companies.

These fees vary from $99 to $195 depending on the package, and they primarily include the initial set of work and a full report on your credit rating.

Limited availability

Credit Saint isn’t available to consumers residing in South Carolina.

If you live in this region, you might be forced to seek alternative credit repair service solutions.

What Credit Saint does

According to the FCRA, you have the legal right to receive accurate and updated information about your report.

Thus, any inaccurate entry in the report should be removed by the original loan issuer or the responsible credit bureau.

As a process that involves a series of steps, Credit Saint has a series of steps to help you build a comprehensive credit report.

Tailored consultancy

One of the unique elements of Credit Saint is offering customized assistance based on your needs using a team of specialists.

The company will assign you a professional who will check the details of your credit report and identify the items that should be removed. During this period, they’ll also give you customized advice on how to enhance your credit score.

Disputing negative entries

The preliminary step is performing a comprehensive review of your credit history by looking at potential disputes and helping you create a plan of building credit on your own.

Once you get in touch with the company, you’ll go through a series of three distinct steps that begin after being assigned a professional team that would handle your case using a tailored process.

These professionals will review your credit report and communicate with you as you go through the process for the straightforward removal of the negative entries.

The assigned specialists have customized dispute letters through which they present your specific situation to the bureaus.

Depending on the category you signed up for, the specialists would either work on severe entries like repossessions and bankruptcies or dispute charge-offs and delinquencies.

As the assigned professional disputes the credit bureaus’ issues, they would give you a tailored plan to help you effortlessly go about the process.

Essentially, the plan is a credit building process that is tailored based on your unique needs.

After 45 days, you’ll receive a report showing the progress you’ve made with the process and if the issues have been lodged successfully.

Since you can generally view the results after 45 days from the start of the process, you’ll receive progressive milestones from the professional at the end of this period. The great news is that most clients who have used Credit Saint ‘s services report seeing lots of progress during this period.  

How Credit Saint helps you build your credit

Essentially, five main elements could tank your credit score. Below are the five factors listed along with the proportion of its impact:

  • Credit utilization – 30%
  • Credit mix – 10%
  • Payment history – 35%
  • New credit – 10%
  • Credit history – 15%

This company tries to address some of the critical elements of your report by disputing entries like delinquencies and inaccuracies.

Your assigned specialists would examine your report in detail as they look for items that can be removed from the report.

According to the FTC, 20% of credit consumers in the US have at least a mistake in their report.

Inaccurate entries could severely affect your ability to get quality loans and significantly impact your score. For instance, is someone takes a loan under your SSN and fails to pay, your future potential creditors would consider you a high-risk borrower and would unlikely approve your loan applications.

In this era, cybersecurity cases have been on the rise, and according to Richard Donell – Former director of the FBI – there exists only two categories of companies: those that have been hacked and those that haven’t.

According to the Javelin Report, over 16 million consumers experienced cybersecurity theft in 2017, and the cybercriminals stole over $16 billion from the victims.

With these metrics pointing to a possible exponential rise in cybersecurity issues, you should check your report frequently for such errors.

In such a case, Credit Saint would help you fix the issue and clear the illegal activity.

Additionally, the assigned professionals would help you build on other factors that tank your score – like your utilization ratio.

If the specialists realize your utilization ratio is above 30%, they could advise you to take out a loan on different items like a car or personal loan.

Reduce interest rates

A low credit score can impact you in several different ways.

If you have an incredibly low score, you might already have been turned down for a loan, but if your application is successful, you might receive very high-interest rates.

For instance, if you have a score of around 550, you’ll pay over 17% in interest for a 5-year car loan. On the other hand, your rate would be 4.5% for the same period if your credit score is slightly over 700. In the end, you’ll find yourself incurring hundreds of dollars in losses due to this disparity.

Getting a better job

Most potential employers perform an inquiry on your report as one of their background screening to ascertain your level of responsibility and trustworthiness.

While it’s common to have financial problems and fall into bad credit, one negative entry doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an irresponsible person. However, someone who is going to entrust you with colossal funds might be skeptical about some negative entries.

That said, negative entries can make you lose excellent job opportunities, and this is where Credit Saint comes in. Professionals would help you remove the entries by offering personalized advice.

You can explore the vast field of opportunities once the specialists have helped you dispute the negative entries. 

How to cancel Credit Saint ‘s services

When you’re fully satisfied with the assistance of Credit Saint and all negative entries are no longer in your report, you can cancel it.

While you can terminate the subscription anytime, the company has no pro-rated plans, so you might have to complete your monthly billing if you cancel the plan before the end of the period.

Since you won’t be able to access your account after cancellation, it is imperative to get all the information you need from there or use a specialist to simplify it.

What Credit Saint can’t do

It’s imperative to understand what a credit repair company promises to do and what they can do.

As a professional credit repair company, Credit Saint abides by specific legal regulations, and there are things they can’t remove.

While the company has an excellent success rate, there are certain things they can’t remove. If you have accurate negative entries, Credit Saint can’t help you delete them.

Customer testimonials about credit 

Credit Saint has a high rating across different platforms on the web.

One client reported that a real estate agent recommended them to Credit Saint after rejecting their application. A year later, the customer qualified for the mortgage for a 4% interest after fixing their credit report.

Another reviewer expressed their happiness for how Credit Saint helped them boost their score by over 80 points. Besides, another client praised Credit Saint for assisting them in raising their FICO score by more than 200 points.

Overall, Credit Saint has lots of customer testimonials who review this company as transparent, fast, and affordable.

Can the deleted entries reappear in my report?

Sometimes a verified negative entry that had been deleted appears in your report.

When this scenario occurs, the FCRA informs you that the responsible credit bureau needed to notify you before re-entering the item in your report.

Through this occurrence rarely happens, a removed entry can appear in your report.


Repairing credit on your own can be daunting.

There are tons of processes and legal complexities that could make you hit a brick wall.

That said, one of the most effective ways is leaving the work to credit repair specialists since using this approach would save you lots of time and effort.

As a reputable credit repair company, Credit Saint has what it takes to help you hop through all the stages to boost your credit.

Once you’ve fixed all detrimental items in your report, you should maintain positive financial habits and keep your credit utilization very low.

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