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Citibank is the subsidiary of Citigroup dealing with consumer business. The Bank was started in 1812 and was initially called The City Bank of New York. As years progressed, Citi Bank earned a great reputation and did not remain limited to New York only. It spread worldwide and made international links with major banking services worldwide.

Citi Bank has made great progress since its establishment since now. It offers several best services and financial products that help users to maintain and establish their small businesses. The major departments in which Citi bank holds great place are its credit cards, commercial loans, and mortgages. The Bank was established in New York, but now it provides its services worldwide.

The Citi Bank has branches in nineteen countries providing its financial services. The Bank has aimed to provide multiple services to its users for many years. Customers have preferred Citi Bank with its products and innovations. Citi Bank is competing with other banks worldwide by investing heavily in the technology department.

Citi Bank is considered one of the top listed banks in the US. The Bank has more than 720 branches in the US and 2,500 in other countries. You can find Citi Bank’s branches in the major cities of the United States. Also, the Bank has more than 2,300 ATMs in the US. Citi Bank has many ATMs and locations where customers can easily find the nearest branch and ATM Citi Bank. To find the nearest Citibank branch, follow the given guide.

Citibank Locations Near Me

Citi Bank is present at more than 720 locations throughout the United States. That is why everyone can easily find the nearby Citi Bank at their location. All the information about Citi Bank, including its operational hours, branch locations, services, and regular updates, is available on Google. Citi Bank has been uploaded on Google Maps for the convenience of people.

You can easily find your nearest bank branch of Citi Bank, its timings, customer services, perks, and all relative details by using Google Maps. Following is the useful step-by-step procedure for finding the nearest Citi Bank location:

Online Banking:

  • Visit Citi Bank’s website, tap the “Customer Service” option, and then the “Contact Us” option.
  • Now choose “More Option” and click on the “Find Branch/ ATM Locations” tab.
  • Search the nearest Citi Bank branch by the location service of Maps. Or provide basic information like the name of your city, state, and Zip Code.
  • You will see all the highlighted bank locations of Citi Bank near you on the Map screen. Click on each branch to see its operational hours, services, and other perks you need.

Mobile Application:

  • Open the mobile app of Citi Bank. Find the ‘Menu’ icon and choose Help & Services.
  • Tap the “find ATM and branch locations” option and navigate the ‘Contact Us button.
  • Get information about Citi Bank’s nearby locations using the ‘location service. Or you can search by your city’s name, state, or Zip code.
  • The list of all the branches of Citi Bank will appear to you. Locate the nearest branch and get information about its timings, services, and ATMs.

Citibank Branch Locations Near Me

The branches of Citi Bank are spread all across the US in different states. Citi Bank provides its branch locator feature to users to find the nearest Citi Bank branch. With the Branch Locator feature of Citi Bank, you can easily locate your area’s closest Citi Bank branch. Visit Citi Bank’s website and type the name of the Bank in the search bar. Provide important information about your location, such as the name and Zip code of your city and state.

Citi Bank provides services like home and auto loans, bank accounts, and other perks like other banks. Using the branch locator feature of Citi Bank, you can find the required services you want from the Bank. All the branches, their timings, fees, services, deposit limits, and updated data will appear to you. When you use the bank locator feature, you will find the following representatives of Citi Bank related to different departments:

  • Relationship manager
  • Home lending officer
  • International banking center
  • Financial advisors

Citi Bank ATM Near Me

Citi Bank has more than 2,300 ATMs in the United States. Almost every bank branch of Citi Bank has an ATM service. You can find the nearest ATM service of Citi Bank by using the website of Citi Bank or via Google Maps. When you search about the ATMs service of Citi Bank, all the ATM locations will appear to you. Moreover, you will learn about Citi Bank ATMs’ perks.

Choose an ATM service nearest to your location according to your required needs. There is no ATM fee for accountholders of Citi Bank for deposits and withdrawals through Citi Bank ATMs. Although you do not have a Citi Bank account, you must pay $2.50 for each withdrawal. You can withdraw $1,000 per day with Citi Bank’s ATMs.

You can search for and can get the following services and perks of Citi Bank’s ATM service:

  • Cash withdrawal: You can only withdraw your cash amounts through Citi Bank’s ATMs. The ATM service of Citi Bank does not accept deposits.
  • Full service: Citi Bank’s ATMs provide their full-time service. You will find the ATM service in its entirety.
  • Open 24 hours a day: The ATM service of Citi Bank is available 24/7. It is good to confirm the opening of the ATM before going for any withdrawal.

You can easily access your bank accounts and withdraw your cash through the ATM service of Citi Bank. Moreover, you can use Citi Bank’s mobile application and get all the details and information about the ATM service of Citi Bank. Also, you can receive information about your balance, bank account, and transaction history via the mobile app of Citi Bank.

About Citi Bank

Citi Bank was established in 1812 with its first president named Samuel Osgood. After his death, many popular names took hold of the Bank for several years. In 1837, a well-known name in the world of banks, Moses Taylor, took control of the Citi Bank and became its owner. After his death, his vast empire ruled over the Bank, and several members of his family became its president in later times.

The Bank was initially called “City Bank of New York” to provide banking services to the citizens of New York. Later, the Bank spread its service worldwide to almost 19 countries. The Bank has more than 25,000 branches worldwide. Citibank’s locations are in the country’s major cities in the United States.

Citibank is an FDIC- insured bank providing various financial services and products. Citibank’s services and products are mortgages, personal loans, personal wealth management, savings accounts, and credit cards. Moreover, Citi bank offers its full-time service. Its customer service is one of the best customer services in the world.

The next section will provide detailed information about Citibank’s customer service and operational hours.

Customer Service

Throughout the long history of humanity, we have experienced many changes. One major change in the lives of humans is the use of technology. Nowadays, we prefer online work, whether related to any field of life. Currently, many banks provide several ways for users to contact the Bank and get help of any kind.

Similar to other banks, Citibank also has some ways through which you can contact Citibank for any query. You can contact the Bank via online banking, phone banking, mobile banking, and mobile app. You can contact the Bank and get help from different departments of Citibank designed for specific services. Get help from the Bank by using the following methods:

  • Customer Service Helpline: Citibank provides its general customer service to users. You can call on 800-374-9700.
  • Text Messages: You can send a message to Citibank via its mobile application.
  • In-person communication: The best way to connect with the Bank is through in-person communication. You can meet the representative of Citibank and get detailed information about any bank-related issue.

Hours of Operation at the Citibank Branch

The operational hours of all branches of Citi Bank are similar. They provide their full-time service on working days from Monday to Friday. Although, some branches also provide service on Saturdays. Sundays are officially off for all the Citibank locations. It is good to check the timing and operational hours of the bank branch near your location before visiting it.

You can get information about the hours of operation on the Bank’s mobile application. Or you can also use the Google Maps service to get informed about the opening and closure of the Bank. The operational hours of almost all Citi Banks are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm.

Citibank has not uploaded its holiday schedule on the website. Similar to other financial banks, the general estimation of bank closure is on the following federal holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day  
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving

What Does Citi Bank Offer?

Citibank is an FDIC- insured bank providing various financial services, deposit accounts, and products. It also provides benefits and perks to users for their businesses through its wealth management services, accounts, and products. The financial services and products of Citibank are the following:

  • Citibank Credit Cards
  • Mortgages
  • High-Yield Savings Accounts
  • Personal Wealth Management
  • Zelle
  • Business Banking
  • Citigold Private Client
  • Personal Loans

We will provide you with detailed information about the personal accounts and financial services of Citibank in the following sections:

Global Functions

The main aim of Citi Bank is to provide financial services to users and make flexible solutions and amazing outcomes for their customers. The employees of Citibank at different departments of ‘Global Functions’ ensure that every function of the Bank is running efficiently. The departments of the Global Functions are as follows:

  • Finance: Finance team of Citi work efficiently to perform their functions accurately, on time, and with complete information.
  • Global Public Affairs: This team is on guard to protect and enhance the reputation of Citi, its brands, and its business worldwide.
  • Human Resources: This team is for attracting, developing, and retaining the workers of Citi all across the world.
  • Independent Compliance Risk Management: This team ensures the laws, regulations, and policies. So that the Bank works legally and as a trusted partner.
  • Legal: This team is for managing and identifying the risk factors related to laws, regulations, and reputation.
  • Operations and Technology: The team of the Operations & Technology department ensures to build, support, and deliver the operational factors, infrastructure, and security so that Citi’s growth and economic development run smoothly.
  • Risk Management: This team is for establishing policies and procedures to avoid risks of any kind. They also ensure appropriate tools and authorities for measuring and monitoring risks taken by Citi.

Credit Cards

Citibank has over 127 million accounts and a large purchase sale of about $502. The Bank has partnerships and good relations with other popular banks.

In the personal banking sector, Citibank’s major area is credit cards. Citi Bank has two credit card services: Branded cards and retailer services.

Branded Cards

With the branded cards of Citibank, users can get financial solutions such as Citi Flex Pay and Flex Loan for their small businesses. The cards provide users credit, payment, and unsecured lending options so they can save much and progress more. Citi Bank has several proprietary cards, such as:

  • Citi Double Cash: This card offers 1% unlimited cash back on all purchases. The card does not charge any annual fee. The card offers 0% intro APR for the first eighteen months. After that, you must maintain a regular APR of 15.49% and a 25.49% Variable. You have to pay a 3% fee on the balance transfers. You can redeem your cash points as checks, direct deposits, and statement credit.
  • Citi Simplicity: The card offers 0% intro APR for the first twenty-one months. After that, you must maintain a regular APR of 16.24% and a 26.24% Variable. The card does not charge any annual fee. The card charges a 5% or $5 fee on the balance transfers. The card’s perks include contactless pay, digital wallets, automatic account alert, and the option to choose the due date by yourself.
  • Citi Premier: This card offers a limited-time offer of 80,000 bonus points on spending $4,000 in the first three months. You can redeem the bonus points for gift cards, shop, and travel rewards. There is no foreign transaction fee, but you have to pay an annual fee of $95.
  • Citi Custom Cash Card: Citi Bank has recently introduced this new cashback card. The card offers 5% cash back to users if they spend on eligible categories like grocery, dining, restaurants, and travel. It is easy, flexible, and best for cash back.

Other than that, the Bank offers some co-brand cards like:

  • American Airlines: Citi Bank has linked with American Airlines to enhance the travel services, perks, and benefits. Users will get great benefits for their travel via American Airlines through their Citi Bank credit card.
  • AT&T: Citi Bank has a partnership with the AT&T brand to open a co-branded credit card that will provide innovative services and products.
  • Costco Anywhere Visa Card: With this co-branded card, Citi bank offers 4% cash back rewards on purchases of gas on the spending of $7,000 within the first year and 3% cash back on travel and restaurants. The card does not charge any annual fee or foreign transaction fee. With this card, you must maintain a regular APR of 16.74%.

Retail Services

The retail services of Citibank are considered one of the best and largest retail credit solution platforms. It has co-brand and private label credit cards for retailers. Citibank has a business model through which it provides retail services to users with international brands such as Wayfair, Mobil, Macy’s, Tractor Supply Company, and Exxon. With time, Citi is establishing more contacts and extending its relationships with international companies.


Many people preferred the banking service of Citibank as one of the best banking services in the US. The Bank was established in 1812. It has been more than 200 years since its establishment, and the Bank has progressed greatly. Citi Bank has more than 720 branches and 23,00 ATMs in the major cities of the US. It provides several banking services, financial products, and great customer service.

Citibank offers numerous perks and financial services such as auto loans, home loans, personal Wealth Management, Zelle, credit cards, mortgages, debit cards, savings accounts, and checking accounts. You can conveniently find the nearby branch and ATM service of Citi Bank by using the branch locator feature and Google Maps service.

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