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Bank of America provides services and operations in banking, investing, asset management and other financial risk management products. The bank has opened doors for individual consumers, small and middle businesses and large corporations that indulge in using different banking services. Through the Bank of America, different people can do business with the bank.

Since its operation, the Bank of America has served 67 million people comprising small, medium businesses and large corporations. About 54 million consumers use the Bank of America’s online banking and digital transaction. All these users are verified and legit.

Bank of America is considered a well-known and popular U.S bank ranked among the top four positions. In 2024, it has been counted that it will have more than 4,300 branches with an estimated 17,000 ATMs. This great number of ATMs and Bank branches enable users to find their preferred service at a nearby place easily. Bank of America has provided users with the ease of online banking, credit cards and debit cards via its mobile application.

How to Find Bank of America Near Me

To find the nearest branch of Bank of America, there are two most convenient methods: one is to search on Google Maps, and the other is to locate through the website of Bank of America that will tell you about the nearby branch through its branch locator feature. All you have to do is to enter a zip code, an address, a city or a state to find your nearby Bank of America.

You can use Google map below (however, you have to grant Location permission):

Or you can do it manually. Let’s have a step-by-step process:

  • Step 1: Open the Google Map App if you are an Android user. Open Google Map App or Maps Application if you have an iOS Device.
  • Step 2: Type “Bank of America” in the search box of the Google Map application and tap the search button at the bottom right corner of your Android or iOS device.
  • Step 3: The application will show you all the Red Markers pointing toward all the locations at which Bank of America has branches. You can click on any highlighted marker to see a Pop-up. Now click on the Direction Button to have distance and guide to that location, or you can also click on the Call Button to directly make a call to them.

Bank of America Bank Branch Near Me

Branches of Bank of America dependent on consumer banking provide a wide range of services, including signing up for bank accounts and applying for home and auto loans. If you are finding branches of Bank of America on its website, you can easily search by watching the services under the Financial Center Services header. Other than that, Bank of America provides users with several other search filters, such as:

  • Dedicated business teller
  • Glass barrier at the Customer Service desk
  • Drive-thru teller services
  • Express financial centre
  • Accepts appointments
  • Financial solutions advisor
  • Home loans specialist
  • Notary services

Bank of America ATM Near Me

The website of Bank of America that provides you with the option to locate the bank branches also allows you to search for bank branch locations with ATMs. You have to click on the “ATM Services Available” option. All bank branches having ATM service will appear to you.

You can compare the available services that ATM branches provide more beneficial ATM services with good outcomes. There are multiple types of ATMs that provide different services. They  include services like:

  • Drive-through ATMs
  • Stroll up ATMs
  • Cardless ATMs
  • ATMs that acknowledge stores and charge card instalments
  • ATMs that permit cash withdrawals just stores not acknowledged
  • ATMs situated inside the branch office

Bank of America Locator

To use the locator of Bank of America, follow and click on the blue pointers. Once you open them, you’ll have the following peeks and services:

  • ATM service available
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Drive-up teller services
  • Home loans services
  • Financial solutions advisor
  • Open Saturdays
  • Open Sundays


Consumer Banking provides services to fulfil the financial needs of several consumers and small businesses. Its practical services have become the largest division of the Bank of America. The availability of MBNA and FleetBoston services offered by Consuming banking of Bank of America is the main reason behind the increase in its range and size.

The Bank of America proudly works as a member of the Global ATM Alliance. Global ATM Alliance is a platform that offers users the amazing offer of using their ATM cards at other banks without any premium subscription or additional charges. This offer is available by many other international banks and applies to users who live abroad.

But now, with changes in the policy of the Global ATM Alliance and its members, the customers who live abroad have to pay 3% of the funds they withdraw from ATMs. This offer is available by several banks such as China construction bank in China, Santander Serfin bank in Mexico, Ukrsibbank in Ukraine, Barclays in the United Kingdom, BNP Paribas in France, Deutsche Bank in Germany, Scotiabank in Canada, and Westpac in New Zealand and Australia.

International Operations

China Construction Bank is considered among the top four big banks in China, with a high transfer cost of $3 billion. As per the estimate of 2005, the Bank of America has covered a high rank while acquiring a 9% stake in the China Construction Bank. With the stake holding with China Construction Bank, the Bank of America has a great deal of opening its offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai, increasing its range and size. Moreover, the Bank of America has offices in Brazil and other Latin American countries with high value and customer support.

About Bank of America

Customer Service

If you need any help or want to contact a customer service agent, you can:

  • Call on 1-800-432-1000 or any other phone number listed on the bank’s website with its branch department and topic.
  • Contact the provided Customer Service agents at the following times:
  • Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST
  • Saturday & Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST
  • Contact online and schedule an appointment by signing into Bank of America Online.
  • Do an online chat with an agent through the online portal of Bank of America. This contact availability is only available if you have certain topics to talk about in your conversation.
  • Tweet on Twitter for the Customer Service available at the handle @BofA_Help.

Working Hours

The available working hours provided by Bank of America are listed with all bank branches. When searching and locating the Google Maps, you can see all timings by clicking on each branch location. You can also utilize the branch finder feature for getting long periods of activity for detailed information through the branch’s site. The feature shows the available open timings and days, e.g. present open and open Sundays.

Bank of America Environmental, Social, and Governance Approach

Bank of America guides fulfilling a great purpose of helping the ones with low financial status; who require a better financial living. All this can be done by strengthening our connections and contacts. Bank of America is on the focus to take practical measures in correspondence and guidance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) leadership. ESG is an essential partner that deeply analyses, appreciates and spreads Bank of America as a friendly company for people to work at, invest in and do business.

Our practical measures include creating a great economy, a trustworthy empire, and profitable credibility. The inclusive of ESG demonstrates that Bank of America is creating supportive workplaces for employees; it has multiple responsible products and services for clients. Also, it is helping and making a great world where local economies can survive. 

All this happens when prominent institutions come together to form a good place. Likewise, Bank of America is making strong partnerships with nonprofits and advocacy groups like communities, consumers and environmental organizations to bring the world a great change by getting together the collective networks and expertise.

Business Practices

Bank of America has impacted two critical areas of its growth through its direct and positive impact on responsible business practices. These areas are: Bank’s strength and stability as a global financial institution and the other is bank’s capacity to cover the financial needs of all clients in all related fields of their lives.

Client Focus

One of the main purposes of Bank of America is to become a company that people want to do business with. Throughout the eight lines of business, Bank of  America always stresses providing better service to clients by fulfilling their needs with the highest possible ethical standards. It is a common thing that clients expect exceptional experiences from the companies they interact with. So we serve our customers in a most useful and affordable way by contacting investments on people for better delivery.


The governance department of Bank of America is fully focused and concerned with providing and maintaining trust for clients, employees and shareholders. For responsible growth, the company needs an experienced and independent board of directors, skilled managers and management, and sound and effective governance practices.

Risk Management

The success factor relies on the working conditions, judgment, and feedback of all the company’s workers and employees. So to have a successful status and responsible growth, Bank of America is heavily focused on managing all types of risk factors that can affect the company’s reputation, status and growth.

Vendor Management

Another essential focus point is the long-term partnerships with communities, including people with fewer resources. To make the world a great financial living place, Bank of America focused on purchasing its products from a wide range of sources that include communities like minorities, women, veterans, and people with low financial living situations. Moreover, Bank of America focuses on long-term partnerships with suppliers.

What the Bank Offers

Bank of America is considered one of the leading financial institutions across the world. It provides a full range of banking products and services for investment, financial and risk management, large corporations, and government institutions. It is serving a massive number of individuals and small and average market businesses.

Relating Locally and Working Globally

Bank of America has workers, suppliers, consumers and employees from small towns, cities, and urban centres. With diversity in places, there is also diversity in people’s behaviours, attitudes, financial conditions and needs. So Bank of America helps its related members to build the better financial future they want. It connects strong ties with people to know more about them and to understand them from the core. Consequently, the working conditions of all members groom and impact the company’s growth on global grounds.

Working With Clients

The Bank of America provides easy-to-use services like a personal consultation, digital tools, online consumer banking, and much more, which helps clients to save, spend, borrow and invest in useful ways that are best for their lives and businesses. The bank provides useful connections to fulfil specific needs and goals of all the members related to it, including a family, small business holders, mid-size companies or the world’s largest corporations.

Enabling Financial Health

The Bank of America supports individuals and businesses by providing and utilizing financial solutions for them that are easy, simple, safe, and transparent. It pays much attention to promoting homeownership and small businesses so that the working conditions and financial needs in meaningful ways can be made possible for underserved groups.

Technology That Delivers for Clients

In the modern world, success is also dependent on Innovations. So to be successful, the Bank of America pays to heed to the innovation sector. It innovates new ways and technological developments to lead the industry with great capabilities. Eventually, this will improve clients’ financial lives and create the best workplace for them to work in.


The Bank of America is considered an ideal bank for any user to open a bank account for them or a business account. Since it is globally recognized and has partnered with other international banks in almost 35 countries, users can easily locate the bank’s nearest financial centre. For this, they would need to use Google Maps, which is available on Android and Apple phones. Apart from finding the nearby branch of Bank of America through Google Maps, a user can also find ATMs of Bank of America from where the funds can be withdrawn and transferred.

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