Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Guaranteed Approval

These days, a bad credit score can make life difficult. You may not get a loan or credit card, and you may have to pay a higher interest rate on any loans you do get. But what if we told you there was a way to get a mortgage loan even with bad credit? 

Believe it or not, there are mortgage lenders who will approve your loan application no matter how low your credit score is. 

In this article, we’ll discuss bad credit mortgage loans guaranteed approval and tell you everything you need to know about them. So read on!

Where to get a mortgage with bad credit

Bad credit is not enough reason to deny yourself a dream home. Luckily for people with bad credit, some institutions can give mortgages irrespective of damaged credit ratings. Where can you get bad credit mortgage loans guaranteed approval, you ask? 

Well, we have done all the heavy lifting and presented the best institutions that give mortgages to people with bad credit scores. Let’s get started, shall we?

Lending tree

Lending Tree is a company that helps those with bad credit get the best deals on their mortgage loans. The platform facilitated 55 million loans and over $250 billion in closed transaction volume since 1996, making them one of America’s most reliable finance companies!

The founders created this innovative solution to help people find low-interest rates while avoiding expensive fees associated with traditional banking systems. Today Lending Tree has grown into an international leader, helping millions nationwide save money every year. 

Neither a lender nor broker, LendingTree offers a platform where people with bad credit can find the best deal on their mortgage loans. The company helps those who want to finance homes, condo units, or townhouses get an offer from multiple lenders at once, so they have more options when choosing which one is right for them!

How to apply

Lending Tree has a reasonably simple process they follow. You will need some basic information, such as your assets or debt obligations, to be considered for loans approval.  This process takes about five minutes and can be done online or by calling! 

Information pulled from reports such as social security numbers to help them choose lenders who might accept these applications. This is based on what’s available within each specific network. 

The best part? They only submit bad-credit score requests directly, ensuring no one goes unnoticed!


  • Excellent, quick, and easy process! 
  • There’s a huge range of lending partners. 
  • You won’t pay any fees to use the service either- it’s completely free.
  • You’ll get alerts on deals 

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Wells Fargo is one of the biggest lenders in America, and they offer loans for people who may not have good credit or enough money. Easy To Own program makes it possible with bad history, low-income levels (or those trying to get ahead), Covid 19 related fears preventing them from buying their first home – you name it!

The company also has helpful lending strategies like accepting applications without any down payment if your funds are tight because this pandemic has caused an economic downtown.

Wells Fargo is a lender that offers many options for homeowners with different credit needs. The company’s loan programs include fixed-rate mortgages at 30, 20, and 15-year terms. On top, 5/1 ARMs or 7 / 1 ARMs to suit your financial situation best; jumbo financing featuring adjustable-rate loans depending on term requirements. 

Plus VA mortgage benefits if you serve in the military community, and there are also FHA & USDA listings!  If repaying all this is a challenge, there are refinance structures available.

How to apply

Wells Fargo offers a fully online application process. Applicants can fill out an easy form to receive quotes, then sign into their LoanTracker so that the bank’s loan advisor has access to additional documentation, and you’re able to track your progress throughout it all!


  • Easy application process
  • Wide range of products on offer
  • Updates rates daily

Money Mutual

Imagine a world where you could get loans without submitting to credit checks. Now thanks to MoneyMutual, this is possible! The company offers its services as an easy way for people with bad or no credit histories to connect and request money from lenders interested only based on their needs.

It’s like Amazon, but instead of items being sold, it’s cash waiting at the doorsteps eagerly awaiting delivery. This is not a lender in itself but a platform where lenders can easily connect with borrowers without a hard credit pull. 

MoneyMutual is a company that gives you another chance at life by allowing access even while maintaining strict standards so only the highest qualified applicants. Don’t come into this assuming you will get free money; it will still be a loan, which you will be expected to repay.

How to apply

All you have to do is fill up the application process online, connect with the lenders and decide if they will give you money. The best part is that it’s quick and easy, and you can get your funds in 24 hours. 


  • Very simple process
  • They process the loans fast
  • Reputable platform
  • Doesn’t do hard credit checks

FHA Rate Guide 

As the name suggests, this guide connects borrowers with potential lenders. Homeowners with bad credit looking to refinance and take out an additional loan can utilize the FHA Rate Guide, which is especially beneficial. The guide will be instrumental in saving you both time and effort in your search for that perfect mortgage!

The FHA Rate Guide is an essential tool for those who need to refinance or take out additional loans. The next question you might have when searching through home equity options, though it may seem like a difficult process at first glance-is, what qualifications do I need? 

Homeowners with bad credit can use this guide to find the perfect lender and terms that work best based on their needs!

When you’re looking for a mortgage, many steps happen behind the scenes. The FHA Rate Guide helps streamline this process by matching your information with trusted lenders and giving an email outlining eligible loans in line with what’s needed before anything else happens! 

They can’t help on any applications themselves because that falls outside their jurisdiction. They mostly collect data from customers like yourself and match that with the perfect lender for your specific needs. 

How to apply

The eligibility process starts with an online application. You will need to be 18 years or older, a U.S resident, and be able to hold the legal authority for agreeing to contracts to complete this form- it’s just that simple!

When you apply for a loan, the lender will ask about your property and finances. This includes what type of home it is (i e single-family or multi-family), how much money has been put down so far on payments, current income levels before providing credit scores, etc.


  • There are no strict requirements
  • The application process is very straightforward
  • Application is online
  • They match borrowers with best-fit lenders

PNC Bank Mortgage

When looking for a loan, it can be hard to know the best option. PNC considers the non-traditional credit history and rental payment records when approving loans which means they will work with most customers who want an auto or home purchase! 

Their website has up-to-date mortgage rates so that consumers will ever be in the know about the rates. They offer a variety of loan programs, including VA and FHA options for those who need it too! Their application can be completed on-site or in person at one location.

Doing it in person is one big disadvantage though you will still get a loan even with a bad credit score.

PNC offers a wide range of loans to fit any need. Whether you’re looking for the best bad credit rates or want an easy-to satisfy PMI option, PNC Bank Mortgage has what it takes!

How to apply

Like many mortgage institutions, you will need to fill out an application form. The only key difference here is that you must make an in-person application. But once that’s out of the way, you can get your much-needed mortgage. 


  • Up to date mortgage rates
  • Offers a variety of loans
  • Easy online application


  • There is an in-person application


The future of homeownership has never looked better. Now, you can buy a house with just the click of your mouse! 

SoFi sets itself apart by having exclusive discounts to members that can go as high as $500. The application process is as easy as it gets, and you will only need a few minutes to secure loans of up to 30 years.

SoFi has other products that make it worthwhile for customers. On top of having the discount, customers can also experience other product discounts and real estate planning and assistance, career coaching, and more. 

There is a potential downside to receiving quotes from this lender, as you will need an online account, and they sometimes send marketing emails. Plus, government-backed loan customers may not find what they are looking for here with our company because SoFi doesn’t offer such.

How to apply

SoFi offers online applications and quotes that take minutes to complete – no waiting around in line at an office or filling out boring forms on paper anymore. Once submitted, the team will get back together shortly after reviewing all required documents before issuing any final approval.

This process should happen within 24 hours maximum (unless there are unexpected delays). If approved, a new home awaits!


  • Simple online application
  • Amazing discounts
  • You can use loans for investment properties

With no lender’s fees charged, Better is a great place to get started on Mortgage loans. They offer one of the lowest rates in the market and have a repayment period that spans 15 years.

Finding the right lender can be difficult when you’re ready to buy. But with’s fast and easy online application process that only takes minutes out of your day–not hours or days like some other companies—you’ll have all necessary docs in order before they even ask!

The input appears very descriptive, so I will not need clarification on what is being said or asked. 

We all know how important it is to make a decision quickly when buying property. That’s why we created Better, so you can get an estimate of your loan within 3 minutes and then start putting offers on homes today!

The rest of our online application has been designed with simplicity in mind – just provide additional documentation if needed for underwriting purposes (and they’ll take care of everything else). Plus, there are no hidden fees or commitments; only low rate loans from one company that won’t break the bank:

How to apply offers an online lender that makes the entire mortgage application process easy and fast, with no need for paper documents or meetings in person! Once you enter your information about what property to purchase as well as how much money is available down payment-wise (or if it’s self-financing), they will provide a quote based on current market prices.

The rest consists mainly of uploading required supporting documentation like pay stubs etc., where all this takes place digitally.

In fact, they are so confident with the process that they say it will only take you 3 minutes. But schedule more time just in case of any eventualities. 

New American Funding

With a downpayment of as low as 3%, New American Funding is a good place to get a mortgage loan. They offer some of the best underwriting rates in the market and don’t strain the borrowers.

With an excellent track record and a manual underwriting process, New American Funding is the best option for those looking to buy.

Their manual underwriting process means that other factors such as employment history could affect whether or not they approve applicants! There are 32 brick-and-mortar locations across America where this company serves residents, so those living near areas without access can still get reliable financial services even though there’s no branch nearby.

They also offer FHA, VA, or conventional loans with favorable terms if you live where they’re available!

How to apply

Applicants can fill out an initial application online and include their names to request a quote. The information that is required includes address and purchase price or best offer for the home.

Once complete, there will be contact from New American Funding Loan Officer detailing how much money would approve based on qualifications, etc. If you are happy with the process, you will need additional documents, and your loan will be processed. 


With a low downpayment and 30-year repayment period, CitiMortgage is a good place to get a loan. You can get a conventional loan from CitiMortgage even if you have low-income scores. The rates are highly competitive, and there’s no mortgage insurance required!

CitiMortgage offers one of the lowest rates for conventional mortgages. Their Home Run Mortgage is available to those with low credit scores, and it has no minimum down payment or two-unit homes – only 5%. Others only need a 3% downpayment. 

Other benefits include that customers qualifying at Citibank can get even cheaper interests by purchasing relationships through them, too – meaning you don’t need an excellent credit score.

How to apply

When you’re ready to buy, there are lots of different options. You can apply for a loan through your online account and get an instant quote in just minutes! A loan officer will get back to you, and if pleased, you will be asked for more documentation for processing the loan. Once all is done, you will get the money you will have to repay in 3 decades.


  • Easy process
  • Has an online process
  • Long repayment periods

How do you get bad credit?

First things first, how does one get bad credit?

Many things will get your credit score down, and bad credit is not just something that happens overnight. A couple of steps you can easily follow to achieve this:

Not pay them back

Every time you take a loan, it’s important that you pay them back. That is normally what lenders expect, and if you don’t, your credit score will go down. Most people get loans to spend on stuff they want, like new clothes or gadgets, but usually, it’s done to pay it back ASAP; at least, that’s what we hope everyone does.

When you fail to repay a loan, your credit score goes down, which means you will have a harder time applying for a new loan. Many people get surprised by this and wonder how it’s possible that they can’t get a loan after having one before with no issues.

It is important to give your monthly payments on the agreed date, always pay more than the minimum required, if you can’t repay it in full, pay as much as you can and on time.

Not make a minimum payment

When you purchase with your credit card but only pay the minimum required your balance decreases. This is one of those mistakes that people make, thinking that this will show lenders how responsible they are, but they’re showing how irresponsible they are.

This is why you shouldn’t just pay the minimum of your credit card balance. Always try to pay more than what’s asked because this way, you’ll be able to get rid of your debt faster.

And even if it doesn’t seem like much, over time, this will accumulate, and before you know it, your interest rates will also increase, and you’ll be left with a bigger balance.

Not pay the credit card on time

Paying your credit card on time is important to keep your score high, but not paying it at all or being late on payments can quickly increase your bad credit score. If you miss two consecutive months of payments, your score will go down, and it won’t be good.

Not take a loan at all

Some people assume that they can get a loan without good credit, which is not the case. Getting approved for a new loan depends on your credit score, so if you don’t have any, there’s no way that you’ll get approved.

You always need to start taking good care of your finances and building up your history by maintaining a clean slate. Take only the loans you need and pay them back on time.

What is a bad credit score for a mortgage?

While no single credit score will disqualify you from getting a mortgage, the lower your scores become and the harder it becomes for lenders to approve loans.

Most people need at least 750 or higher before being considered by any bank in today’s market. However, the average lowest score accepted by most mortgage lenders is 620, while most government-backed lenders can go as low as 500. 

The credit ratings may vary from side to side, but generally, it runs from 300-850.

With a 23% average, people in the 800-850 range are considered exceptional. People with scores between 750 and 799 were rated as very good, while those with a score below 600 were seen as fair or worse; 550 -599 falls under this category too!

How to improve on bad credit

How does one get to have a bad credit score? The most common reasons are late payments, lack of income, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

Bad credit can result from other factors such as medical bills or job loss. According to a study by the Urban Institute, nearly half of all Americans have bad credit.

So how do you take care of something that has haunted many Americans for years?

Repay your debts

There are no two ways about it; you need to repay your debts. If you consider using credit cards, make sure that you pay them off at the end of each month.

What this does is to show the creditor (the person or company that lent you money) that paying them back is a priority in your life. It also ensures that the rates on future loans or credit cards that you will get in the future will be lower because of your repayment history.

If you have a bad credit score right now, there is no time like the present to start paying off your debts. It may be daunting at first, but it gets easier over time knowing that your efforts improve your credit score. 

Build up emergency savings

Develop a culture of savings in your household. You should save a little money at the end of each month until you have a cushion for emergencies such as car repairs or medical bills.

The idea here is to create an emergency fund, so whenever something bad happens, all you need to do is reach out and touch the funds without getting into more debt just to fix an emergency.

Identify your bad spending habits

There are several ways you can do this. One way is to track where your money goes every month using a simple notebook and pen or by going on the internet and looking for a tool that allows you to track where you spend your money. 

This way, you will know where you are spending too much money and where you can cut back. 

Avoid more debt

When you fall into a hole, stopping digging is the best thing to do. If you have been late on a bill or two, avoid applying for new credit cards or loans if possible.

In addition, make sure that your credit card accounts stay active because older means less utilized accounts are better than newer ones that carry high balances and low APRs (the Annual Percentage Rate).

Check for inaccuracies in your report

Though not common, sometimes credit reports get mixed up. If you want to ensure that everything is accurate, order your free credit report once a year at

If you find inaccuracies, contact the creditor and ask them to review the information while also sending a formal letter of inquiry and attaching any supporting documentation to prove your claim.  

Reschedule your loans

You can renegotiate loan terms with your current creditors if you are on a tight budget.

For example, if you have two credit cards and one of them has a higher interest rate than the other, you can ask to reduce the former’s APR so that you can pay off both cards faster.

However, be mindful of fees and penalties as they might invalidate any savings you made by getting a loan rescheduled. 


There are plenty of them out there, so you’re sure to find one that will work with you. And remember, even if your credit score is low, there are still ways to get the home of your dreams. So don’t give up; keep looking until you find the perfect loan for you.

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