Apps That Loan You Money

Cash advance applications are temporary solutions for short-term cash needs, but you may be able to find cheaper alternatives. People can apply for a loan amount before getting their next paycheck through apps such as Dave, Earnin and Brigit, etc. This is one of the cheapest and most convenient alternatives available to an individual but make sure you don’t have any more affordable options before borrowing through an app.

This new method of borrowing through an app carries out operations differently. For instance, applications ask their users to pay a subscription fee for their services.

The cost of using a lender’s or credit card issuer’s product is expressed as an annual percentage rate, which includes interest and any extra fees.

The article will look at top-rated apps that are loaning money to people. Moreover, we will look at the advantages and drawbacks of selecting each app and the negative repercussions of defaulting on a loan. The article also includes the steps an individual should take before selecting an application for a loan.

Top 6 apps that loan you money

Though loan app costs may appear insignificant at first, they can rapidly mount up, and it is not recommended to pay for early access to money you’ve earned. These apps can be helpful in times of need, such as house repairs or an unplanned journey, but financial experts say they aren’t long-term answers.

Borrowing from an app regularly could indicate that you need to find a means to make more money or create a budget that you can keep to.


Earnin is the best for low fees. It is paycheck advance software that works like this: it monitors your hours worked (either by tracking your location or through a timesheet) and then allows you to borrow the money you’ve earned. The application sends notifications to its users when their account balance is low with an option to increase it by charging them a fee.

Eligibility requirements: Earnin requires a continuous pay schedule – weekly, bimonthly, semi-monthly, or monthly — to be eligible. More than 50% of your paycheck must be deposited into a single checking account via direct deposit each pay period. You’ll also need to do one of these two things: either work at the exact location every day or keep track of your hours using electronic timesheets.

Amount: The amount ranges from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $500.

Fees: Earnin asks its users to pay a gratuity of $14, which they can pay if they like to or do not wish to, which is acceptable. 

Speed: Earnin’s Lightning Speed function allows you to receive money immediately after signing up. Using the rest of the Earnin features would take a couple of days.

Repayment: Earnin collects the money from the individual bank account when they are paid.

The most significant benefits offered by Earnin are:

  • Fast funding.
  • No interest.
  • No mandatory fees.

Along with these benefits, it comes with a few drawbacks. These include:

  • Access to your bank account is required.
  • This may lead to terrible financial practices.

What happens if you default on your Earnin?

Earnin is one of the most commonly used cash advance applications to borrow a loan. Since the loan falls under secured loans, the company will keep the amount a person receives in his account as an assurance to prevent any kind of default payments.

When applying for a loan from apps that loans you money, an agreement is signed in which the borrower gives the right to the issuer to utilize the next paycheck they receive in their bank account if they fail to pay back on time. Once your check clears, the bank will take that money automatically from your account.


Dave app is the best for small advances. The process of using the Dave app goes like this: you take out a small loan to cover expenditures while waiting for your next paycheck or as a way to avoid overdrawing your bank account. People using Dave’s spending account could access bigger loan amounts than the non-Dave spending account users. By using the “Side Hustle” option offered by the app, the users could find side jobs to supplement their income.

Eligibility: The Dave app does not necessitate a credit check. However, you must have a consistent paycheck that is deposited directly into your checking account, as well as proof that you have enough money in your account to be able to pay back the advance when your next salary arrives.

Amount: if you have a Dave spending account, then $5 to $200; if you don’t have a Dave spending account, then $5 to $100.

Fees: Dave has a few costs, but they’re all voluntary, as the company says:

  • You could opt-out of the $1 monthly subscription cost in the app through an available option. 
  • To get your money faster, you could imply a $1.99 to $5.99 cost. The loan amount determines the fee.
  • There is an optional tip of up to 20% of the loan amount.

Speed: Dave can take up to three days to send you your money. The organization claims that you will receive it within eight hours if you pay an express premium to retrieve your money faster.

Payment Date: The payment date is identical to the next date when a paycheck is received, but this can be changed.

Membership fee: Dave charges a $1 membership fee per month.

Low balance alerts: When your checking account balance gets low, or you have a bill due, Dave gives you an alert to decide whether to seek a payday advance to avoid overdraft costs.

The biggest advantages of using the Dave app are:

  • It could be less expensive than an overdraft fee.
  • It’s possible to borrow money for little or no money.

The following disadvantages include:

  • The company would need a direct account to the users’ bank account details.
  • This may encourage people to borrow against their future profits.


Brigit is a budgeting application through which a person can have instant cash up to $250. The app’s free plan offers financial counseling and budgeting assistance. The premium plan has a diverse set of features like higher cash advances, automated deposits, and monitoring of the credit situation of your account, along with the benefits that come with a free plan. It would help to utilize the premium plan to get the cash advance.

Eligibility requirements: To qualify for Brigit, you must have at least three regular deposits from the same workplace.

Amount: The amount ranges from $50 to $250.

Fees: The monthly fee for the premium plan is $9.99.

Speed: If you request an advance before 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Brigit will respond on that day. If that is not the case, it will be sent on the next available day of the week.

Repayment: Brigit automatically calculates your next payment based on your revenue schedule. 

Not all banks are compatible: Brigit claims to work with over 6,000 banks and credit unions, but this does not guarantee its function with yours. The business is not yet compatible with Capital One, Chime Bank, Net Spend, or Varo.

Auto advances are available: Brigit will examine your checking account spending habits to determine whether your balances are low and you’re at risk of overdrawing. Its “Auto Advances” feature will automatically move money to your bank account to avoid an overdraft.

Some advantages that come with using Brigit include:

  • It costs less relative to the charges of the overdraft.
  • Provides credit monitoring services as well as identity theft protection.

The few drawbacks of using Brigit are as follows:

  • Access to your bank account is required.
  • The company does not provide the repayment history to the credit bureaus; hence the credit score is not improved. Also, some people would borrow more which is not healthy for their future.


Chime app is known for its overdraft protection for its users. Itis a mobile banking application with an array of features that consists of credit-building loans, etc. With its unique feature, SpotMe, users can take out a specific amount not charged under any fee. If you wish to apply for SpotMe, you must possess at least $200 in qualifying direct deposits into your Chime account every month. The rules of Chime go like this: your account can go negative up to the amount you’ve approved, and you will not be able to carry the purchases falling below that amount.

Amount: The amount ranges from $20 to $200. The limits grow according to your account usage, but they start at $20.

Fees: There are no charges. If you are eligible to tip, then the company will ask you.

Speed: Before you overdraw, you set up SpotMe, and then it’s integrated into your account going ahead.

Repayment: The amount Chime spotted will be repaid via direct deposit on your next payday.

APR example: If Chime provides you $50 to overdraw and you refund the balance in seven days plus a $1 tip, you’ve effectively gotten a $50 loan with a 104.3 percent APR.


MoneyLion is an online mobile banking and investment application. It offers several features, including financial tracking, a credit-building loan, and so on. People that need a loan and have good bank account history can get an Instacash advance. If an individual does not have an account with the company and needs a loan, they will be charged a fee. 

Amount: The amount of an advance that MoneyLion will approve is determined by the activity in your linked checking account. Higher deposits usually result in more significant advances (the minimum is $25). You might be able to increase your Instacash limit by moving your direct deposits to MoneyLion, according to the app.

Fees: MoneyLion deducts a fee for the following two categories :

  • MoneyLion checking account users who need a loan can get it through instant delivery and charge $3.99.
  • Non-users of MoneyLion will be asked to pay $4.99 for the loan they asked for in the case of rapid delivery.

Speed: The response differs as MoneyLion checking account individuals have to wait for two days to receive a response. However, for non-MoneyLion checking account users, the response time can go up to five business.

Repayment: MoneyLion collects the money from the individual bank account when they are paid. If the account has fewer funds, the company has the right to make withdrawals from the account when the individuals are paid. Individuals who fail to pay the required amount on time will incur a fee. 

Tipping fee: MoneyLion does not charge any necessary fees for cash advances; however, you are welcome to tip for the service.

There are several advantages of using MoneyLion. A few of these are:

  • It could be less expensive than an overdraft fee.
  • It’s possible to borrow money for little or no money.

Some of the drawbacks of using MoneyLion are:

  • Access to a bank account is required.
  • Some users may take up to five days to get money. This may encourage people to borrow against their future profits.


People can only use Current with the help of the company’s mobile application. This app is designed to help people spend less money on fees and find better methods to manage their money.

People will be paid back within 48 hours. This option can assist you in staying afloat financially by allowing you to receive your paycheck early.

The last feature that sets Current apart is the quick gas hold reimbursements when you use your card at the pump. Instead of waiting days for your payments to be returned, you may go out and buy gas knowing that your funds will be available right away. 

Current has a free account, but you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account to access most features. 

Apps that loan you money: pros & cons


Certain applications can transfer money into your checking account right away in an emergency, although there may be a price for this service.

If you can take a paycheck advance or pay an overdraft fee, the advance is likely to be less expensive. Most app fees are around $10, but bank overdraft fees are often $35.


Some apps demand access to your bank account to withdraw money when it’s due, which could result in an overdraft fee. While applications strive to prevent overdrafts, they cannot guarantee it.

Because apps simplify borrowing from your next paycheck, they risk trapping users in a debt cycle if they rely on loans to cover recurring expenses.

Are payday lenders using cash advance apps?

Payday lending restrictions do not apply to cash advance apps because they are not considered payday lenders.

However, some consumer advocates believe they are little more than cloaked payday lenders, and they share some characteristics. These applications provide small-dollar loans with potentially large fees that are due on your next payday. Payday lenders do not report the payments carried out by the individual to the credit bureaus. As a result, the credit score is not improved.

Investigation of a payroll advance

Some lending apps are under investigation. The examination focuses on whether these applications break state lending rules by, for example, charging interest disguised as tips and membership fees.

Alternatives to cash advance apps

Before you choose an app-based loan, examine all of your possibilities. The following are the alternatives:

Personal loans for small amounts

According to many financial experts, these loans start at $1,000 and have interest rates that are less than 36 percent, which is the highest rate an affordable loan may have. Some online lenders specialize in loans for people with negative credit.

Credit union loans

If you belong to a credit union, you may be eligible for a small personal loan at an interest rate of 18% or less. Some credit unions provide $500 personal loans. While they will look at your credit score to see if you qualify, they will also consider your status as a credit union member when making a loan decision.

Other sources of income

Instead of borrowing, you might be able to discover a way to supplement your income. You can work as a babysitter, rideshare driver, or do online surveys.

Loans from friends and family

Borrowing money from someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, can help you receive the money you need quickly without putting your finances in danger. You can even draft a contract that spells out the terms of repayment and interest.

Things to know before getting a loan from an app

You may borrow small amounts against your next salary using several money-lending applications. Because these apps often have lower fees than payday lenders, one of these apps could be a decent option if you’re in a pinch and need some additional cash to get by until your next paycheck.

However, before you borrow money from an app or a traditional lender, you should examine interest rates, fees, and terms, as well as determine how much you can afford to repay. It is imperative to talk to lenders and figure out an interest rate that both of you can agree on and can be paid in a timely manner.  

Borrow responsibly

If you’re unprepared for financial setbacks and every new monetary requirement makes you feel dissatisfied and agitated, the greatest money borrowing app can help you meet your immediate wants.

There are numerous advantages to using an app to borrow money rather than going to a bank or pawnshop for a $1500 loan. In today’s world, every city has a diverse range of lending institutions. However, you will never be aware of all the peculiarities and intricacies that each creditor has.

Every potential borrower should be aware that they are solely responsible for the loan or cash advance that they get. Because this money is only borrowed for a short time, it should not be taken for granted.

On the other hand, long-term ambitions cannot be met with such tiny sums of money. Consider other options for paying your long-term goals and objectives or increasing your earning potential.

Frequently asked questions

Which software allows you to get a loan right away?

Most cash advance applications promise that you’ll get money in a day or two or that you can pay a charge to receive it sooner.

MoneyLion deposits money into your account within one to five business days, but users can pay a $3.99 or $4.99 fee to retrieve the money within minutes or hours.

Dave’s standard advances take one to three days, but for a price of $1.99 to $5.99, you can obtain your money in as little as eight hours.

Is it safe to use lending apps?

Because costs can pile up and encourage recurrent borrowing, it’s best to utilize lending apps only for one-time crises. Consider alternatives first if you’re having trouble covering normal bills.

How do you borrow money from your paychecks if you utilize a loans app?

You can choose from various apps that allow you to get a cash advance against your next paycheck. This way, you’ll get the money you’ve already earned before the next payday, and you’ll automatically return the cash after your paycheck is placed into your bank account.

Can I receive a loan on my app if I don’t have a bank account?

Each borrower must have a bank account linked to the app of their choice. Otherwise, the company will not deposit sufficient funds to meet your needs.

How do I take out a loan via the app?

You should use the app of your choice to submit your online loan request. To get money for various needs, provide your personal and banking details.

Is it possible to borrow money using a mobile app?

Yes, you can use one of these cash advance applications to borrow money for a limited period. They may be downloaded and used from your smartphone, allowing you to send money quickly and from anywhere.

How much time is required before the money is transferred?

Many payday advance apps can deposit funds into your account within minutes. If you use an app or account that allows for early direct deposit, you may still have to wait a few days for your money.

How to distinguish between a personal loan and payday loans?

A personal loan can also be referred to as an installment loan since it allows you to pay off your debt over time with monthly payments. Because the lender earns more income from your longer-term loan, these loans have a lower interest rate.

A payday loan is a very short-term loan whose duration is anywhere from two to four weeks. These loans come with a higher interest rate to compensate for the risk a lender is taking.

Is credit checking a vital step in loan processing?

Many money-lending applications will authorize a minor cash advance loan request without running a credit check. This is because your next salary guarantees these cash advances.

You’ll probably get approved without a credit check if the lender determines that you make enough money to repay the amount.

While a cash loan app may be convenient because it eliminates the need for a credit check, it may be detrimental to your budget. The lender has the monopoly to take back the amount he loaned out when the individual receives the next paycheck. This is a simple technique to avoid an overdraft, but it may put you in a tight spot if your next salary is lower than expected. While a cash loan app may be convenient because it eliminates the need for a credit check, it may be detrimental to your budget.

A personal loan will not require a total return within a few weeks. Instead, you can pay off the debt gradually over time. And while your bad credit may not prevent you from acquiring the loan you require, it will have an impact on the terms of your loan.


A tiny hiccup in your plans might cause a major financial burden if you don’t have an emergency fund. The time between paychecks can feel like an impossibility. It is important to note that applying for a loan from the next paycheck would mean you will receive less money the next time you receive a paycheck. But the early money could benefit you in bigger ways than when you get money on time.

You need to check out the necessary details about each money lending app, such as who is eligible, the loan amount, speed, fees, etc. Then you should consider your requirements as how much money you need and in which time frame. Then it would help if you investigated any hidden charges associated with the app and subscription fees; after all these necessary steps come when you could finally step ahead and make the final decision.

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