AmOne Personal Loan Review

AmOne Personal Loan Company is a marketplace broker for loan borrowers and lenders. It works as a central place connecting loan borrowers with their loan matching lenders. AmOne presents its borrowers with various lending options that match up with the financial support needed by its borrowers. In the course of its existence, AmOne has achieved various feet which have made the personal loan company standout amongst other personal loan companies. It has basic outstanding features that keep customers relaxed and unwavering in their step-by-step process in obtaining a loan and the loan repayment.

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About AmOne Personal Loan Company

AmOne personal loan company started in the year 1999 as a place for people to get personal loans online in which overtime, it accounted for over $4billion in loans approved for people in the U.S. alone has worked over the years creating the most needed serene environment for consumers of various loan types to acquire loan matching up their financial obligations in the most comfortable way.

AmOne personal loan company’s main effort is geared towards streamlining the borrowing necessities of loan borrowers which were achieved by establishing a standpoint where lenders and borrowers meet for various borrowing transactions to take place. AmOne uses software technology to link up a borrower with his/her matched-up lender, which has made it easy and reputable for borrowers to borrow money without much stress needed.

AmOne As A Whole

AmOne personal loan company offers numerous services at the disposal of borrowers. They operate to create a meeting place for borrowers and lenders of various fund types which include

  • Personal loans -. car loans, household loan e.t.c
  • Debt Consolidation – consolidate high-interest debt with a low-interest rate to remove heavy shackles of debt.
  • Startups and Establishments Loans – Newly established and established business loans
  • Credit card debt consolidation – Credit card debt can be paid using a personal loan.
  • Investment Opportunities – taking up available investments or projects involving cash not available to consumers.

AmOne Personal Loan Review

These loans are loans borrowed to service different cash expenses which ensues a brilliant lifestyle for individuals. These loans are acquired to make payment for Household equipment and numerous household expenses, to make funds available for various mortgage or building projects, for financing diverse Automobile procurement projects and all other expenses accrued to them, and for financing health care bills without stress or fear of not being able to get matched up because you surely will.

Debt Consolidation

AmOne lenders offer loans of varying degree to borrowers who wishes to consolidate high-interest debt with a low-interest debt acquired from AmOne lenders. Among matches ups a borrower with a lender who lends out money to the borrower at a reduced rate for him/her to pay up high-interest debt outside AmOne.

Startups and Establishment loans

Individuals who intend to start a new business or establishment can get adequate funding for such intention. This also applies to those established businesses that need funds for their day-to-day running capital. Funds are provided as soon as the consumer has been matched and all criteria met.

Credit card debt consolidation

Debt consolidation for credit cards is an advantage consumers enjoy on AmOne as loans can be used in paying up credit card debt at once to reduce the interest charged on the card.

Investment opportunities

AmOne personal loan offers loans to borrowers who intend to take up investment opportunities with no or insufficient funds at hand. AmOne match up lenders with the borrower who pays up the borrower on acceptance to lend out his/her funds

Personal Loan Styles

The personal loan style available are the following, namely:

  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Secured personal loans
  • Peer to peer loans
  • Short term loan

Unsecured personal loans

These are loans that can be acquired without involving collateral from the borrower. This kind of loan is suitable for those who don’t want any of their personal properties and belongings to be at stake at any event of failure to pay up which can lead to forfeiture of such property or belonging to the hands of the lender.

This kind of loan is sometimes called a signature loan as it specifies that you are giving the issuer your word about the repayment of the loan without any of your assets and belonging being placed on the line to secure the loan. The following are the pros and cons you will experience if you acquire this loan type.


  • It is the safest loan type to acquire
  • Your assets are secured and untouched
  • It has a fixed interest rate, that is the interest rate remains unchanged in the course of loan repayment.


  • It has a little higher interest rate as no collateral is involved.

Secured personal loans

This kind of is acquired with various degrees of your personal belongings or properties used as collateral. The property to be used depends on the amount of loan you are seeking to acquire is the higher the loan you are acquiring, the higher the value of the collateral to be used.

A secured personal loan is one in which in a case of failure to pay up, the lender had the right to take over the ownership of the property being used as collateral in which the property is sold as payment for the debt. Properties used as collateral include automobiles, houses, electronic gadgets, pieces of land e.t.c. Secured personal loan aid various levels of borrowing provided the needed collateral is available. There are pros and cons involved in acquiring this loan type. They include


  • This loan type serves people with poor or bad credits as they can get matched up with lenders once there is collateral provided.
  • That is the easiest type of loan to obtain


  • They involve collateral that poses a dangerous effect on borrowers in an event of inability to pay up.

Peer to peer loans

This type of loan as it sounds involves peers or people coming together at various levels of funding a loan request. In this case, the P2P sends the request of a borrower to lenders on the peer-to-peer lending platform. Then lenders who can be single individuals or groups of people or institutions apply to fund full or part of the loan request. As long as the amount in the loan request has been matched, the individuals or group of individuals then pay up the funds on the peer to peer platform who pay up the borrower, and as soon as the borrower is ready to pay up his/her debt, he/ she pays up in the peer to peer lending platform which is then distributed to all lenders of such funds.

The peer-to-peer loan like other loan types has its pros and cons.


  • The goodwill of the borrower plays a major role in getting lenders to accept your loan proposal.
  • The personal story of the borrower can also convince lenders to accept one’s loan proposal
  • The peer-to-peer has a reduced interest rate such that the interest rate is around half of the amount you’ll find on your credit card.
  • Debts can be paid within a shorter period.
  • The peer-to-peer loan lenders are usually certified by the exchange commission which aids a transparent lending system.


  • In the event of the inability to pay back the loans borrowed by the borrower, the goodwill of the borrower can get tarnished.
  • It is always difficult for those without goodwill to get loans on the peer-to-peer platform.

Short term loans

This loan type is famously known worldwide where the borrower writes a check to the lender who gives out loan to the borrower together with his/her interest who in turn hold onto a check written by the borrower. On the stimulated payday, the lender withdraws money from the account his/ her fund was deposited into.

The short-term loan is usually acquired online where the bank and account information of the borrower is requested for immediate funding and as soon as it’s payday, the funds with interest will be deducted from the borrower’s account.

This kind of loan like other loan types have their pros and cons which includes


  • This kind of loan is easily accessible
  • This loan type majorly serves impromptu or emergency occurrences.


  • They have a very high interest rate that must be on the payday.
  • Some charges are accrued to short-term loans which include payment for service rendered which are in some cases deducted from the amount borrowed.

Why Choose AmOne

   AmOne has been in existence for more than a decade now which has acted out to prove their sustainable and unwavering strength in upholding their set goals attaining heights and beating out other several personal loan competitors in this loan market.

 AmOne doesn’t offer loans to people or consumers by themselves, they act as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers while taking up all these services for free.

Generally, there are pros and cons involved in AmOne. They include


  • They offer various loan types to borrowers. This will aid the availability of numerous types of loans for borrowers to subscribe to
  • They provide loans for people even if they have bad. AmOne makes available lenders to every borrower who chooses her loans matching them up with lenders.
  • AmOne has a great network of lenders on its platform who look into the profile of borrowers and takes up whoever they pick interest in.
  • AmOne can always be reached with a toll-free number on their website and a live online chat available too.
  • AmOne only does a soft credit check on your profile which means you can see rates available without it affecting your credits.
  • The services rendered by AmOne are completely free and welcoming to people of varying low credit scores.


  • The interest rates are said to be determined by the lenders of funds.
  • On AmOne, the personal info of every borrower is needed to open an account for them.
  • On AmOne borrowers are prone to receiving calls from lenders.

How to borrow on AmOne

1. Find Your Rate

Firstly, you are required to open an account, register, or fill out a form With your information stating vividly the amount you would like to borrow. Your basic information and incomes are needed to be filled along with what you intend to use the money for.

AmOne has a sovereign responsibility of maintaining from investigating your credit score. They only carry out a soft check without you worrying about it affecting your credits

2. Compare Your Options

Once you’ve input your information, you will be shown a dashboard of lenders at various rates from which you can borrow. These lenders have not accepted to borrow you loans but their rates can be seen vividly for you to select from. The shown dashboard only contains lenders who have finds to offer.

All you need to do is view all options on your table, select the one that best suits you with the juiciest rate you can afford. All the rates shown are always very precise if the information provided is verifiable.

After comparing your options, select who you wish to lend you the loan.

Note: the lender has a right to run checks on your credit report to know if he wishes to offer you loans.

3. Make a Loan Request

As long as you’ve picked a lender, you can go ahead with a loan request. While applying for a loan, the lender will ask more detailed questions about what you want to use the money for as well as your financial receipts and payments. The lender with the use of the AmOne, the lender then runs a credit check to know your credit balance. As soon as this is completed and the lender has agreed to finance your loan, the lender will take charge of all necessary processes to finalize the details and lend the money out.

AmOne Loan Range and Terms

AmOne loans are generally flexible in the actual sense and these loans  between an apex and lowest value which Is provided on AmOne with various terms involved in the application

  • Loan Range: AmOne loan amount ranges between $1000 – $100,000
  • APR Range: The APR range is between 2.99% and 35.25%
  • Payment: various degree and levels of payment will be determined by the lender which includes the fee for late payment, fees for loan application and all other fees vary according to the lender’s decision
  • Loan Terms: the repayment of loans is between 90 days – 7 years and the mode or means of loan repayment is determined by the lenders of such loan.

Note: Application with different lenders should be within a 15days window and a credit check inquiry will be on one’s credit report.

Eligibility For Loan On AmOne

To be able to acquire loans on the AmOne personal loan platform, some requirements must be met. These requirements are needed to be eligible to borrow loans from the AmOne personal loan company. They are:

  • To borrow loans on AmOne, you must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • To acquire loans on AmOne, you must be 18years and above which is necessary before you can be certified.


Written above are the various conditions and requirements necessary to apply for loans on AmOne. AmOne personal loan companies offer loans of various degrees to borrowers irrespective of their credit situation and financial position. AmOne also has representatives who work tirelessly on the ground to attend to your financial complaints towards your effective satisfaction.

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