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Sir Thomas Sutherland founded HSBC bank in 1865 as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. After many years of struggle, HSBC bank made a great place in Europe and the world. It is considered the second-largest European bank, with assets of about $2.984 trillion. Its headquarter is at 8 Canada Square, London, England, United Kingdom.

The bank covers not only one area but several countries with more than 22600 branches worldwide. The bank also covers three business groups: Global Banking, Commercial Banking, and Personal banking. With easy access to account opening, HSBC bank offers its online banking, mobile app, phone banking, and social media accounts. Users can get details about the bank and manage their accounts on their phones.

Finding an HSBC near a bank branch or location is exceptionally convenient. Users must search for their nearest HSBC branch through the branch locator feature and Google Maps. With easy steps, anyone can get details about the bank and solve his bank or account-related issues.

With many financial products and services such as mortgage, insurance, auto and home loans, wealth management, CDs, credit and debit cards, and savings and checking accounts, HSBC bank counts as the leading European bank. The article has all the detailed information about HSBC near me. Read the article and the details, and stay connected to HSBC bank.

HSBC Near Me Locations

HSBC has banking services in more than sixty countries as a British multinational investment bank. For US and UK residents, the best way to locate the HSBC bank is Google Maps or the bank branch locator. Search results will guide you about the distance, exact location, timings, banking services, and other details.

HSBC Near Me Branch

HSBC bank has branches in up to eight US states. Searching for an HSBC bank branch is not a hectic task. You can use Google Maps and the bank branch locator feature to find the nearest “HSBC Near Me.” You can follow the given guide:

  1. Go to the HSBC bank website through any device.
  2. Navigate the bank branch locator, and provide your city name, Zip code, and address. All related search results will appear on the screen.
  3. Search for the bank branch according to your requirements, such as the HSBC bank branch 35 miles.

It’s better to get details about the bank to avoid any convenience. Get to know more about the products & services, operational timing, location, customer service, and reviews.


HSBC bank’s website did not reveal the exact number of HSBC ATMs in the United States. Like other banks, HSBC bank has widespread branches and ATM services. You can easily find an Automated Teller Machine through the branch locator feature on the bank’s website or Google Maps. You need to provide the essential details, such as Zip Code or City, at the search bar of the branch locator.

With your current location turned on, you can search for HSBC ATM near me on Google Maps. All the bank’s ATMs will show up on your device’s screen. Click the nearest to your location, and check details like opening and closing times and availability of deposits and withdraws.

HSBC bank has banking and ATM service in more than sixty-four countries. The ATM service is free for HSBC bank account holders. However, if non-account holders make ATM transactions, the out-of-network ATM fee will be $2.50.

About HSBC

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) were started in 1865 by Sir Thomas Sutherland. With an excellent reputation, HSBC bank has earned the second rank among all European banks. The bank provides its coverage with financial services and products in more than sixty countries.

The bank is best for users with international banking needs and who search for savings accounts without maintenance fees and minimum balance requirements. Frequent travelers and people who want regular direct deposits, welcome bonuses, and referral bonuses are more likely to benefit from the bank.

Many subsidiaries worldwide, including HSBC Bank Canada and HSBC Bank Mexico. HSBC bank Online banking and the mobile app of HSBC bank provide convenience to users who can’t visit the bank branch frequently. Detailed information about the HSBC bank’s customer service and operational hours is discussed in the following section.

Customer Service

HSBC bank’s customer service pays great attention to its attendants and customers. The bank ensures exceptional service. You will have a different contact number for financial services & products. Customer service numbers are available from 7 am to 12 am, 24/7.

Following are the customer service numbers for the related banking service.

  • Personal Banking- 800 975 4722
  • HSBC Premier- 888 662 4722
  • HSBC Advance- 866 584 4722
  • Business Banking- 833 722 4722
  • Mortgage Customer Service- 855 527 8400
  • Lost/Stolen Card- 800 462 1874
  • TTY/TTD- 800 898 5999

The bank regularly updates its customers with related changes on its social media platforms. Contact the bank through the following resources:

Hours of Operation

Like other major banks, HSBC provides its banking service on all weekdays except Saturdays and Sundays. A few bank branches also remain open for a few hours on Saturdays. With a seven hours a day service, almost all branches of HSBC bank are available from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

  • Monday            9:30 am            4:30 pm
  • Tuesday            9:30 am            4:30 pm
  • Wednesday      9:30 am            4:30 pm
  • Thursday          9:30 am            4:30 pm
  • Friday                  9:30 am              4:30 pm
  • Saturday              Closed 
  • Sunday                 Closed

The bank’s operational time depends on its branch location. Although you know about the bank’s opening and closing timing, it’s essential to contact the customer service of the bank branch to confirm whether the bank is open or not. You can also search for the HSBC near me branch on its branch locator to confirm the timings.

Every bank branch or location has some differences, so it’s good to check the branch nearest you. Don’t worry, and you will not get into trouble finding the bank’s timings. The bank follows its official operating schedule. You will find the HSBC bank closed on federal holidays, including:

  • New Year’s Day – (January 1)
  • Martin Luther King Day – (January 17)
  • President’s Day – (February 21)
  • Easter Sunday – (April 17)
  • Memorial Day – (May 30)
  • Independence Day – (July 4)
  • Labor Day – (September 5)
  • Veteran’s Day – (November 11)
  • Thanksgiving – (November 24)
  • Christmas Day – (December 25)

The HSBC bank stays open and offers its operational service for a few hours on the following holidays:

  • Good Friday
  • Columbus Day
  • Day before Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Evening

What Does the HSBC Near Me Offer?

HSBC investment bank is the second largest bank among all banks in Europe. The bank has a high asset rate along with many products and services such as CDs, Savings and Checking accounts, and credit and debit cards. The detail about its financial products and services are as follows:

Credit Cards

HSBC bank offers multiple categories of credit cards to its customers. Credit cards help you manage many things and provide convenience. With many types of credit cards, you must choose and apply for a credit card that fulfills your needs and financial goals.

  • Purchase Plus Credit Card: The card offers Interest-free purchases for twenty months and interest-free balance transfers for seventeen months. Users can redeem rewards points such as gift cards, cash back, and other valuable items.
  • Premier Credit Card: With rewards points, interest-free purchases for nine months, interest-free balance transfers for eighteen months, and travel benefits, the card is best for HSBC premier customers.
  • Premier World Elite Mastercard: The card is best for frequent travelers with many perks and travel benefits. It does not charge any annual fee to the HSBC Checking and Savings account holders. Jade and HSBC Premier customers can also get exclusive benefits from the credit card.
  • Rewards Credit Card: The regular APR for the card is 23.9%. You can get several rewards offers with this credit card from HSBC.
  • Classic Credit Card: The card is best for building a credit score or credit history with a regular APR of 29.9%.
  • Balance Transfer Credit Card: The card offers a balance transfer offer for straight interest-free thirty days.
  • Student Credit Card: With a low APR of 18.9%, and no annual fee, the card offers multiple benefits such as 1.5% unlimited cash back to the HSBC Student Bank account holders.

Checking Accounts

HSBC bank only has one checking account that provides users with many perks for their different bank-related activities.

  • Premier Checking: The account requires users to maintain a minimum balance of $75,000. If not, the account holder will have to pay a maintenance fee of $50. The account offers several benefits, including emergency financial support, no foreign transaction fee, and priority services.

Savings Accounts

  • Premier Savings: Users with an HSBC Premier Checking account can only qualify for the saving account. You can save a $50 monthly maintenance fee by meeting the following requirements.
  • Maintain a balance of $1 million to become an HSBC Jade customer.
  • Take a residential mortgage loan of about $500,000.
  • Maintain deposits of a minimum of $5,000 in any HSBC bank account.
  • Premier Relationship Savings: HSBC checking account holders who spend a minimum of $500 with their debit card can have a high APY for the saving account.

Certificate of Deposit

The CDs (Certificate of Deposit) offered by HSBC bank are three offering terms of six to twenty-four months.

  1. The first CD has a six-month term with 2.50% APY and requires a minimum deposit of $1,000.
  2. The second CD by HSBC bank has a term period of one year with 3.25% APY and requires a minimum deposit of $1,000.
  3. The third CD implies two years term period with 3.40% APY. Users are required to have a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Debit Cards

HSBC bank account holders are allowed to get qualified for its debit cards. New customers can request to issue the debit card and their account opening. HSBC bank offers the following two multi-currency debit cards:

  • Jade MastercardĀ® Debit Card: The card offers $0 international FX fees, free withdrawals worldwide, and access to make spending in twelve significant currencies. Cardholders can also get a supplementary debit card with fee-free privileges for their close ones.
  • Mastercard Debit Card: The card offers access to twelve major currencies, free purchases, and worldwide withdrawals. Cardholders can earn about 0.4% cash rebate on all purchases without transaction fees.

Additional Products and Services

HSBC bank offers many financial products and services. Other than the products mentioned before, the bank offers the following additional products:

  • Purchase mortgages
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)
  • Individual retirement accounts (IRAs)
  • Self-directed trading
  • Managed investment portfolios
  • Private banking
  • Financial advisors
  • Business loans


Europe’s second-largest bank, HSBC, has earned a great reputation over the years. The British Investment bank has amazing financial products and services with significant assets. Finding an “HSBC Near Me” location, branch, or ATM service is not a difficult task. With the help of the branch locator feature and Google Maps, you can easily find the nearest branch.

You can get every kind of HSBC bank-related details with several customer service numbers. Also, the bank offers online banking, mobile app, phone banking, social media accounts, and appointment for branch meetings. HSBC bank stands out among other central banks with a high customer review rate.

Hong Kong and Shanghai banks provide customers with financial products and services like checking and savings accounts, private banking, Home Equity Lines of Credit, CDs, business loans, wealth management, purchase and refinance mortgages, credit cards, and debit cards. Find a nearby HSBC bank, fulfill your bank-related needs and requirements and enjoy a good phase of life.

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