As more credit repair companies continue to proliferate the credit sphere, this article explains all you need to know about

People often have erroneous information, many errors with the credit issuers. This results in poor or bad credit standing and scores. The implementation of extensive credit repair work is imperative in such circumstances.

Moreover, rectifying such credit issues takes a lot of work and needs a lot of help. Credit repair companies help you to get rid of wrong and damaging items; thus, raise your credit scores.

Credit issuers can be quite frustrating, tiresome, unresponsive, and unfair. A legitimate credit company will assist you in dealing with them. is one of the most popular credit monitoring agencies. The agency uses not only an ethical approach to credit repair but also a broad approach. avails comprehensive solutions for all its consumers. This company makes it easy to understand the business model.

Moreover, this company allows its customers to keep up with their progress even when they are away from their personal computers. The company avails this update through an extensive online resource. has an application and provides SMS alerts and emails. The application allows ease of accessibility to all their clients wherever they are, whenever they want.

Choosing this friendly credit company will help you achieve dramatic changes in your credit report. Additionally, the company will offer identity theft protection

In this review, you will be able to check whether you should consider as your trustworthy credit repair agency.

Who is Credit is an executive credit repair company that began in 1997 owing to an increase in credit issues. The company aims to enable everyone to achieve desirable credit scores.

Eventually, you will have a lifestyle of more incredible opportunities. It helps its clients manage their credit reports and help consumers challenge their credit issuers’ unfairness.

The company consists of professionals who improve people’s credit scores. Moreover, they equip you with skills and habits through credit counseling.

So, it will assist them in upgrading and maintaining an excellent credit rating. also offers a personalized credit consultation and a report summary at zero costs. Packages offers three types of packages from which you can choose from, in accordance with their needs.

Credit Repair Direct

This package is the most sought package by customers. It avails three creditor disputes every month, and a FICO score availed at the end of every three months.

The package charges a fee of $69.95 per month plus a $119.95 first work fee.

 Credit Repair Advanced

This package is the most suitable choice for people, especially with damaged credit reports. It offers an identity theft protection, a monthly FICO score, nineteen negative and item challenges.

The package also has a $1 million identity theft insurance, monthly credit analysis, and personal finance tools.

It also costs $119.95 per month and a $119.95 first work fee.

Credit repair

The Credit Repair package is a mid-priced option that offers you all the services in the Credit Repair Direct package.

It also provides credit monitoring and quarterly credit analysis. Therefore, even suitable for people who have gone through identity theft and fraud.

The fees charged per month are $99.95 and $119.95 first work fees.

All packages also include a single payment of $14.99 for the credit report fee.

What to expect – Review

When you choose, your selected team will provide you with a personal online dashboard.

The personalized online dashboard avails dates, upcoming tasks, and all updates on your progress. The dashboard assists you in keeping up to date with your credit repair progress.

Score Tracker and Analysis provides a superbly detailed report and a monthly credit score analysis.

It helps clients take hold of their financial life and track their progress.

24/7 Trans Union notifications. also keeps in touch and up to speed with your Trans Union credit report. It does so by giving you updates through emails and text messages.

Mobile App

Accessing your personal computer when you need to keep up with your credit repair progress is a daunting process.

Luckily, has a mobile application that is accessible by downloading it from the Google Play store.

Therefore, you can easily access your personal online dashboard at any time.

Financial Literacy Library

The library makes customers’ finance viewing process easy.

It avails various topics to the users on areas such as identity theft and credit improvements.

Advantages of using

It analyses your credit report retrieves all your credit reports from various credit bureaus. The company then checks them for detrimental elements.

Afterward, the company assesses the negative items found and makes an organized report. This report helps you in identifying your challenges.

A Personalized action plans

After the organized report and identified challenge, staff develops a personalized action plan.

One notable element about this plan is that it helps you eliminate credit problems effectively.

Credit inaccuracies contacts the credit bureaus and requests them to review and verify all the negative items.

The company fights for your consumer rights by ensuring compliance of your credit rights.

Moreover, it escalates challenges where necessary and continues correspondence.

Informative resources gives its customers personalized advice.

You’ll know what to do to upgrade your credit score and monitor your progress effectively.

Additionally, the consultants keep you up to speed with current and updated consumer rights.

It avails articles and resources on how to shield yourself from credit card debts, identity theft, and build your credit.

Peace of mind

When you have credit issues, you will most definitely need an expert to help you out through the hustle and bustle of credit repair. has experts that take care of all your credit issues; hence, you can relax and keep your worries away.

Impeccable Customer service

The company employees further a hassle-free cancellation; hence, clients can cancel any of the services at any time.

Moreover, the consultants are available for consultation from Monday through Friday from 8 am to midnight and on Sundays and Saturdays from 9 through 11 pm. You can reach them om (833) 840-9600.

Discounts has a terrific family and couple’s discounts.

When you sign up for one of the packages, with either a family member or a spouse, you can both get a $50 off on the first month of your package.

Therefore, couples can effectively plan on mortgages and house purchases effectively using a joint repair plan.

In the long run, such discounts will undoubtedly work to your leverage.


Personal information is crucial, and therefore, credit repair companies must extensively protect such information.

A lot of collection and processing of personal data occurs through professionals.

Thus, such information should not come into the possession of other people. ensures safeguarding the available personal information through physical, administrative, and technical security policies.

Cons of using

  • You are unaware of the experts who avail the information as no information is available on them and their expertise.
  • The company does not boast of the approval by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Hence, it is not a bureau member.
  • The company offers no money-back guarantee.
  • The packages have steep monthly costs.
  • There is no debt settlement for the customers.

What is repairable in your credit? aims to make sure that your credit information and history is accurate, updated, and honest.

For items to be termed challengeable, they have to be unfair, inaccurate, or invalid.

Some of the items involve:

  • Foreclosures.
  • Collections
  • Repossession
  • Charge offs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments.
  • Hard inquiries
  • Late payments

The process. implements a comprehensive and straightforward process.

It has three steps. The first step is checking. Immediately after you sign up, the company checks your credit report. By doing so, the consultant consolidates adequate information to build a perfect action plan.

Challenging is the second step. Here, the company reaches out to credit issuers and credit bureaus to iron out any inaccuracies or challenges identified.

The final step is changing/modifying your credit report. The company updates your credit report and progress every 30 days to keep your credit report up to date.

The period through which takes to rewrite the credit report? employees work fast and efficiently to avail the best and favorable results as soon as possible.

However, has no exact time that assures you of the fixation and rectification of your credit report.

All individuals have different issues and, consequently, different action plans. Each action plan is different; hence, they all take different spans to work effectively.

Although TransUnion members have often seen their credit scores rise with 40 scores in 4 months.

However, various issues are rectifiable within a few months. These issues include aging accounts, name misspelling, duplicate accounts, and incorrect account balances.

Do note that does not promise a rise in your credit score due to credit repairing activities.

Luckily, you do not have to wonder about your credit repair progress, as you can easily watch it. Log into free application and use your online dashboard.

Steps on how to cancel with offers monthly subscriptions. Therefore, people can cancel at any time. Luckily, there is no further obligation after cancellation; thus, you do not need to worry about penalties, fees, and broken contracts.

You can cancel by reaching the’s customer service team and cancel your plan.


The difference between and other credit repair companies v Lexington Law

Lexington and both avail similar and comprehensive services. They each repair your credit without any added responsibilities.

Moreover, they analyze your past credit histories and effectively detect identity thefts. Therefore, Lexington Law is’s biggest competitor.

On the flip-side, both companies have some disparities.

For results to be evident with the Lexington law credit repair company, it takes a period of approximately 45 days.

On the other hand, results take at least 30 days or 60 days to show up for consumers using this company.

At Lexington Law, the task of credit repair is a lawyers’ obligation. The lawyers do so by issuing cease and desist letters to credit issuers and credit bureaus.

At, the facilitation of credit repair handling is by financial professionals and credit consultants. works on the identified negative items and challenges as soon as you immediately sign up as a member, while Lexington law does not do so even within the first month. vs. Sky Blue Credit

Both credit repair companies do not have a specific period to sort the credit issues out. However, they offer a wide range of similar services, such as having a “give faster than industry” average outcomes, online dashboards, personal consultants, and credit monitoring services.

Even so, offers more services, such as credit report summaries, free consultations, and score evaluations.

The company boasts of an 8.2 customer review rating. Moreover, assists its clients through identity theft issues and provides ways to escape such an occurrence in the future.

Sky Blue Credit offers you a credit repair package with no identity theft insurance. On the other hand, has three prestige packages with different pricings and provides identity theft insurance. vs. Ovation Credit Repair

Ovation Credit Repair is a credit repair service that offers few education options, while has numerous and influential education and information sectors such as the financial literacy library.

Moreover, it has consultants who inculcate finance skills into their clients.

Moreover, Ovation Credit Repair is quite expensive than, as its premium monthly price is $109 while the latter’s monthly charge is $99.95.  It is evident that is cheaper and more resourceful for those with credit repair needs.

Things to consider before hiring

Before hiring, there are various issues you need to look into.

Study your credit report

By doing so, you need to check if a credit repair service is essential.

There are a few scenarios where you may venture into the packages at a cost, only to discover that there were minor or quickly repairable credit report issues.

Luckily, offers a free consultation; contact the customer service team on 844-346-3403.

Check for critical marks

To check out the level of involvement you may need from, look at your credit report intently.

Your credit information may have inaccuracies such as the wrong inputs, missed payments, incorrect address, inaccurate account information, credit limit error, credit balances, and the account status.

You cannot expect overnight results.

When rewriting and restructuring a lousy credit history, there is the utilization of a lot of time. Your credit score is substantially influenced by your credit history and report.

You should know that as time goes by, will ensure the negative information falls off due to on-time payments and positive credit information; hence, the credit will slowly improve.

Why is credit repair imperative?

To boost your credit score

The goal of credit is to eradicate negative items and errors on credit reports. However, in the process, the credit score is elevated.

Often a negative item and an error lower a credit score by approximately 25 points. Therefore, by resolving a single negative item, there is a high probability of your score levitating to an excellent score.

You can restructure loans to access them at low-interest rates.

Better credit scores assure you of low-interest rates on loans. People with intense and hefty loans often have higher interests due to their low credit score.

This means that having a good credit score will increase your chances of getting good funding.

If you have the following loans, you need to refinance them to get a good credit score: mortgages, consolidation loans, personal loans, private student loans, and auto loans.

It is noteworthy that traditional loans, such as federal school loans, do not lower your credit score. Federal student loans are not availed, depending on your credit score.

To ease your new financing approval

Fixing your credit report eases your chances of loan approvals. For credit issues to approve you for loans, they often consider your debt to income ratio and, most importantly, your credit score.

A good credit score assures lenders that you are not only trustworthy but also creditworthy. On the contrary, a bad credit score will lower your chances of getting good quality loans and favorable interest rates.

Interest rates

Low credit scores are one of the results of faulty credit history or credit report. Low credit scores automatically attract high-interest rates, and consequently, the imposition of higher finance charges on credit card balances.

A repaired credit gives you a competitive interest rate; hence you will save a lot on money used in paying interests.


Good credit is vital for all people who seek to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. Through good credit, you can attain substantial investments through pocket-friendly funding means. is one of the most influential and popular credit companies due to its versatile and extensive credit repair service.

Using is perfect for those who want to correct their credit reports for good credit.

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