The Credit Pros Review

As more people continually get catapulted in dire financial issues, the need to repair credit escalates daily. In this article, we’ve researched and compiled a comprehensive Credit Pros Review – one of the most popular credit repair solutions.

A bad credit score is corrected by repairing the credit. This can be done by contacting a credit repair company or for those who know the process followed to improve the credit score can complete it independently.

 While repairing it on yourself looks simple and saves you money, the numerous steps followed are time-consuming. With the many steps, there is a possibility of getting confused and plunging yourself to further debt.

Hiring a good credit company saves you time and headache of the numerous following steps. For quality results, make sure you choose a highly regarded credit repair company. Check the reviews of the company’s customers to ascertain the quality of services the company offers.

Here, we highpoint the Credit Pros’ services, together with the perks and drawbacks of working with this company. You would know whether The Credit Pros Company is an institution to work with or not upon reading this.

Who is The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros is a financial institution that repairs credit and was created about a decade ago. The credit agency fashion itself as a credit company that tailors advice to prevent clients from having credit problems in the future. The company aims to solve the customer’s credit problems in the best way and quickly.

The Inc. magazine ranked them among 500 companies growing very first in America for several years running. Moreover, during the ranking, the company maintained an A+ rating by the better business bureau rating.

The Credit Pros boasted of having the most qualified staff for quality services, including licenses attorneys and certified FICO professionals.  Since the company believes that informing is the best way to learn, they offer proper consultations that help their clients maintain a good credit score.

The cost of The Credit Pros

To meet the needs of the varying customer needs, The Credit Pros offers four different packages. The packages are; credit sentry package, money management package, prosperity package, and success package.

Credit sentry package

The package caters to clients who only want credit monitoring services. It very pockets friendly as it only costs 19 dollars monthly. The package offers a client with a full credit report and Transunion credit monitoring. It also caters to identity monitoring on both the credit reports and social media accounts.

Money management package

Subscribing to this package enables you to access all the first package services. The beauty in this package is that clients access the credit repair services that Credit Pros offers. You also get their customized budgeting system and the bill reminder services. For the $119 setup fee and $69/month, you are liable for the above services.

Prosperity package

Subscribing to this package gives you access to their prescription plan, saving you about 80% of medication expenses. This package is essential for people whose credits have been damaged because of the serious medical expenses. It costs a $119 setup fee and $119/month.

Success package

This subscription is inclusive of all the services provided for the first three packages. However, the $1500 line of credit offered by this package at Hutton Chase Department stores makes it the best package.  For a $149 setup fee and $149 every month, you’ll enjoy this package.

Advantages – The Credit Pros Review

Highly qualified staff – the quality of services offered by any company lies in the team. At The Credit Pros, the entire personnel has quality skills. The owner of the firm is also a certified FICO professional and a licensed attorney.

Unlimited disputes

most repair companies can only dispute for limited negative items for every cycle. The beauty of using The Credit Pros is that it has no limit to the damaging process’ disputes. Disputes are sent out for every reporting cycle.


Credit Pros has an online platform where clients can access all the services anytime. The 24/7 access is convenient to the customers since you can access case managers anytime, anywhere. Clients can upload their documents anytime.

Educational resources

The Credit Pros offers advice on credit issues and free consultations to their customers. Their website is also very informative as it has a lot of educational blog posts about credit cards and the necessary company information.

A+ better bureau rating

an excellent rating is crucial to giving customers confidence in the company. It also reduces the negative talks that always accompany such companies.

Money-back guarantee

it is hard to find companies offering money-back guarantees. What about those that offer 100% money-back guarantees? The Credit Pros is one such firm. The warranty stands for 90 days since the day of the issue and expires after that.

Disadvantages of The Credit Pros

High fees- the cost o their services are lenient to customers; however, the setup fees are higher than other credit repair agencies. It has made it hard for customers who wish to enjoy the services but cannot afford the packages.

Limited availability

This company is not available to all states in the US. It does not work in States such as Kansas and Maine. It makes it unreliable to some American citizens.


Even though the process can sometimes take a short time, it can also delay because of unavoidable technical issues. The time is taken to realize that the results can also take time.

What The Credit Pros does

The Credit Pros offers identity and credit monitoring to its clients. This makes it ideal for an ideal credit repair company for fraud victims hoping to clean up their reports. The company provides varying types of services. These services include:

Review of clients reports

The Credit Pros educates its customers on how to access free credit reports. In the case of negative items in the credit reports, the firm combs through them to correct the errors.

They also educate customers on how best to improve their credit scores. The lessons include debt consolidation and tips that help customers avoid bad credits.

Lessons are conducted regularly by the agency to ensure that all customers are reached. New trends emerge, and the customers are educated on what the recent trends entail.

Free consultation

Before customers subscribe to the firms’ packages, they are taken through free consultations on their services. The customers’ can then decide whether to subscribe or not to depend on the situation at hand.

The free consultations are also crucial to customers who wish to subscribe as it helps in deciding on the most appropriate package. They also give clients the confidence to think the charges are too high as they learn the importance of repairing bad credits.

Sending goodwill letters and dispute letters to creditors

Upon identifying any negative items in the client’s credit records, the company starts sending dispute letters to the creditors. The creditors are mostly reached through mails or postal codes.

Negative items are not the only items to be fought. The Credit Pros also send goodwill letters. This is an operative way to fight accurate items on the customers’ reports. The messages of goodwill urge the creditors to remove items as a sign of appreciation. The incorrect item can be late payments that in the middle of several on-time payments.

When the debt collectors are always bothering you, the firm can offer to cease and desist letters. The letters inform your creditors of the efforts you are putting to repay the debt. As a result of these, the debt collectors cease from trailing you.

Dispute avalanche

The Credit Pros does not stop sending letters until the day the dispute is resolved. After the first round, the company’s subsequent messages send more informative messages to the creditors. The company ensures that they do anything within their capabilities to ensure that the issues are resolved.

How The Credit Pros helps customers with bad credit records

Having bad credit records not only prevents people from getting loans, but they can also reduce your chances of getting jobs, apartments to settle in, or even increases your insurance rates. Lacking access to such basic requirements can be very devastating to families, and even small and medium-sized businesses.

These reasons force many people to approach credit repair firms since they are basic needs. The Credit Pros also helps customers remove fraudulent items or any inaccurate information from their reports.

Surprisingly, one among every five citizens has an error in their records in the US. These show that many Americans are at risk of not accessing basic needs due to the mistakes. Despite the mistakes being minor, they ought to be corrected.

They are mostly simple errors, such as misinterpreted information on fraudulent activities. Correcting these items influences the client’s credit scores positively. Correcting these errors is crucial as one correction can boost the credit score by over 100 points. The points awarded depend on the technicality of the error fixed.

The thing that The Credit Pros cannot do

A credit repair company cannot guarantee that somebody will remove the accurate items from a customer’s credit reports. Several exceptions determine the removal of incorrect items.

The correct thing to be done is to send goodwill letters hoping that creditors will find it fit to delete an item from your records. It occurs rarely but can happen; expect that the rare occasion can favor your credit records.

According to the USA laws, a credit repair agency should always represent themselves with valid information. Any misleading information can lead to revoking the working certificate—the rules and regulations are outlined in the Credit Repair Organization act.

These laws protect the customers from lies and empty promises that such companies can give. Legislating such sectors is very important because several companies take advantage of desperate people. Such companies know that desperation can take desperate measures for clients to raise their credit scores. 

Contracting a credit repair company is not a guarantee that your wishes will come to pass. There is no assurance of raising your score or getting what you wanted to be deleted from your records done.

The period through which the Credit Pros takes to repair a client’s credit reports

There is no specific time on the duration taken to realize the outcome of credit reports. However, the results are visible six months from the day credit repairs were done. However, the information’s effect can be felt earlier when the issue to be solved is not weighty.

The creditors are given a window of 30 days to ascertain the reported items once the dispute letters are served. This window is short to reduce the time taken to determine the issue at hand. It also helps the clients plan their future early by deciding on the way forward upon receiving the results from the agency’s review.

Lucky customers can see the results within the stipulated 30 days. The problem is the change is felt several days later, mostly 90 days from the day of issue. However, note that the dates provided are not fixed. The duration taken for results to be seen depends on how complicated the case to be solved is.

How to register with The Credit Pros

There are three simple ways of signing up with The Credit Pros; the first is scheduling a free consultation at their offices. You must book an appointment f you choose this route by Calling the agencies’ toll-free numbers at 855-894-2012.

The ultimate and most convenient way is registering online by going to the company’s online registration portal. Clients must check the list of available times before scheduling a call.

The reviewing time can take between 3 to 5 days. After signing up successfully, the agency starts sending dispute letters on the customers’ behalf. In about 60 days, other copies of your credit reports are sent to your mail. Mail the information sent to The Credit Pros so that the company can commence the next round of disputes. 

When a customer is dissatisfied with the agency’s service, canceling the service is a simple task. Call the toll-free number anytime and ask for a cancellation.

Customers reaction about The Credit Pros

The agency has a very high acceptance rate from its customers. The positive reviews from most of its clients indicated the quality of services the company offers. The mistrust that has engulfed companies rendering similar services is vast; hence, trust suggests the firm’s quality assurance.

One customer lauded the firm’s points by the better business bureau after it was raised to 40—the customer adding that the service he received was commendable. The rating, according to the customer, was deserved and done on merit.

Another customer called Sherrita praised the agency, saying that the firm sent out all her complaints once. Other agencies sent out arguments one at a go; hence according to her, The Credit Pros offered quality services that satisfied her.

Another customer is overwhelmed after qualifying for a loan. The customer intended to buy a Mercedes Benz, his dream car, hence was very grateful to the company for successfully repairing her credit.

Other customers were very thankful to the company after realizing improvements in their credit scores. Moreover, customers also commented on how polite and understanding the company’s personnel were. Furthermore, the efficiency of the customer service thrilled the customers.

However, there were a few complaints raised by some customers on a hitch concerning the customer service portal. The Main complaint was on the recurring drafts due to cancellations of the protests. 


The Credit Pros has gradually grown to be a reputable company since the date of its creation. It’s a rating by the better business bureau of an A+, coupled with its customers’ satisfactory services, which has made the company a force to reckon within the business. It has led to a continually growing customer base.

We recommend people with credit issues to contract the company as they offer intensive credit and identity, monitoring in almost all the platforms, including on social media accounts. Victims of cybercrime and identity theft or any form of fraud are highly advised to use this agency. The results are very satisfactory.

Their services are limited to fraud; if you would like to grow your credit score, why look elsewhere? The Credit Pros come in handy for such people and their results always felt. It might be an immediate impact or even a long-term impact. The goodness is that regardless of the time taken, the services are very impactful.

Everyone needs to maintain a favourable credit score. The enterprises need to maintain a good credit score to guarantee survival during trying times. It helps when unprecedented emergencies strike, and the only place to run to is commercial creditors.

When anyone has a bad credit score, The Credit Pros is the place to seek refuge. Their staff is always ready to help at any given time. Their free consultations are crucial to new customers wishing to join the company. Take advantage of such offers when your credit score is terrible.

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